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  • Hi Skarm,
    Since your banner for the GWSC won, I want to add the links to it.
    To do so I'm going to separate the banner in 4 parts (like previous year)
    It would be the easiest for me if you could do this and animate it so that I only have to add the links, because I don't know how 'fast' your animation goes.
    But it is also fine if you could just provide me the different frames. Then I just have to figure out the animation speed.
    Yeh its like roller-coaster: it can be real slow to get there, but pays off when you do. Advancing will be tough when you reach certain difficulty, but the love for the art keeps us alive. It's strange. Also, for metallic text I personally only used gradients, grunge brushes, drop-shadow, and curves tool. Check em out!
    Of course! Glad I can help.
    Thanks. Yeh I drew the zard, but it was 2 years ago.
    You're right about the gradient and overlay, but that just parts of it. When you have the gradient, color, and everything set up, flatten all the layers and go adjust the lighting of the image with "curves" tool (Brightness/Contrast tool works as well) to your liking. You'll have the ability to enhance the intensity.
    I understand but glad your alright ^_^ and your welcome skarm ;) I will be sorta inactive too both laptops busted atm which I hope everything gets better for you :(
    skarm you fell in the darkness of inactivity shame on you! I hope everything is going alright though irl
    they don't need a kid like me to rep them though ^^
    if I can help them with setting things up, I believe I can at the very least get them to have competition on their mind
    OH! Much, much better, alright, can I just post the rest of the rank requests in the threads then?

    Also, could you add JP Fan Club above it just so I know how that looks, sorry, just want to decide if I want it to say JP fan club too or not.
    Alright, thats a good idea. So could you put them on one of those smaller banners and see how it looks, still saying "Visitor"
    well simple banners are mostly banners that are well "simple" :p so I would put them in different categories if I were as another type of banner because pop out banners are more well pop out while the simple banner uses mostly one image with simple light on the brushes in the background but that just me :p
    also skarm seriously have to mess with you with one of your orders XD looks more like a pop out banner to me :p not a simple banner someone got creative there :p but besides that it looks good ;)
    yep ;) I still think the shop is fine but try to add some more stuff :p who knows maybe someone will bite after that which after that I have no clue tbh besides deadness which it is in the art shop section.
    no problem skarm and what I mean is like more offering stuff like more banner variants as well as you may need more userbar types and team poses and etc like my shop and the under. I noticed your choices are very limited you may want to come up with something else to keep the shop running ;) I tend to try to think of new exciting banners after awhile.
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