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  • nah I don't see anything wrong with your shop but I will double check the forums been pretty dead tbh especially in the art shop section. I wouldn't worry about it but the only thing I could think of maybe is that you may want to add more choices to choose from? from that I see your shop is pretty solid tbh
    you very welcome skarm and yeah, I am sure you will this will give you more options as well to getting better with customers requests. We all would be stuck in our older days not improved without everyone ordering from us :p I will be keeping a eye on your shop though hands down :3
    it looks really great skarm :3 I really love the artwork on your shop which I am sure people will order from you ^_^ good luck sweetie :3 I need to update some of my banner stuff as well as who inspired those text banners :p lol I know extroph and me where infused with your touch of artistic mind ^_^ I do see both of use in your text banners as well as sworn has teach your good things as well. I can see alot of improvements when you started doing art ;)
    well its fine just been busy with work and stuff so I am pretty sporadic with being online tbh I will be on like a few days then I will not log on till like a few days later.
    cool good luck skarm ^_^ if you ever decide though to join a shop later on instead your always welcome back to my art shop :3 but seriously good luck if you do ;)
    [Don't worry, I have been off the radar as well. Unfortunately a lot of stuff has been going on, I took a unexpected hiatus away from the forums due to having too much at once - Junior work and boyfriend issues as always.] Meh. It could be better. What about you?
    tbh for a female that isn't really excuse ._. women should have a deeper voice as well just I sould like a kid on the phone XD I look young as well so that doesn't help either XD
    lol wasn't going to say that but I guess you kinda do don't feel bad I sound like a kid too on the phone XD
    Hmm, we don't have a picture yet so when we find someone to help code could you maybe do the art?

    Also here's the fanfic, it will be continued obviously but yeah, usually there's one chapter every week or 3 weeks at the most usually, here: http://tyrannosaurtalk.jcink.net/index.php?showtopic=135&st=0&#entry823

    What I like is you don't have to have knowledge of either franchise to understand, it just helps you appreciate it more and understand it if you know one or both, but again you can still understand as things will be explained. Surely you know of Jurassic Park right? Also if you can could you sign up so you could post on that thread to give me any advice or review of the fanfic? It's just easier than jumping from serebii to there and such. I know the prologue and 1st chapter aren't too descriptive but I am learning more and chapter 2 is more descriptive. Still read the first two parts o understand the story.

    Sorry for the long post.
    Ok then, I put it in my signature for my fanfiction, it looks great, a lot of the members love it! If you ever care to read the story, let me know an I can give you a link.

    Also, you know about my fossil fighter forums correct? I don't know if you can help me here but we need a forum background, and I was wondering if you could make some art for it? None of the artists over there know how to code it into the background so I am wondering if you know how.
    oh, i didnt mean it like that!
    what i meant was the thing you told me a while back...
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