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  • Glad to have you along for Paradox City :) the others and I have been discussing in a Discord channel so far, if you're cool continuing that then here's a link: https://discord.gg/JrntDEG, or I can get a discussion thread on here if you'd prefer that.
    Look, I've already contracted and I've had to take out three of my friends. And don't get me started on the younger students in my school who leap in thinking it's happy-fun-time.
    There's no need to apologise, I'm just an impatient git sometimes. As for bunnying, there isn't anything in particular as I'm never quite able to work out how my characters will react to situations until I see the exact circumstances. What he does will depend on what he sees as a potential path to achieving his objective.
    I was wondering if you intend to continue with MR2? Because I decided I would wait for you to post after reading what you said in the discussion. So if you're not going to post I'd like to know.
    Well, my personal evil plan involves stealing one piece from every jigsaw puzzle on the planet and watch as this world descends into madness. Sadly, the others in the Evil Maniac Club rejected it because it was apparently 'too evil'.
    Actually yes I am. It's just taking me awhile to revamp my sign-up a bit (the character is a year old so a little work is require). My human character is all nice and done and now I'm fixing up the pokemon's... After that I'm going to proofread a bunch of times and post it.
    Well? Are you mad?
    Because if so I've heard of some interesting advances in the apocalyptic doomsday device industry that might interest you...
    Hey! ^^ Yes you are co captain, Im thinking about changing my team but Im stuck.. thinking about redoing my whole sign up if im honest except character description to be honest lol I am reading it after reading other peoples and I am like "god Im rusty" lol
    I don't tend to re-use the characters that actually go somewhere, but I figured that because this was a sequel, things would be alright.

    And do you know if I'm officially an officer again? Jay mentioned it when he accepted my sign-up and I said sure, but he never really got back to me on that.
    Haha. That would be interesting. I was contemplating whether or not to start with a brand new character, but... I just couldn't let Alice go. She was my first RP character that ever made it into an RP. I had to revive her!
    Umm I would rather the 5th gen pokemon not get used until their moves are officially released to be honest with you Skeith.. Sorry ^^;
    Hey ho, Skeithy =D I've not been too bad thankies much, how are things on your side of the fence? =)

    Glad your still interested in Damned Unit. Really sorry its taken me all this time to get it up and running, RL has been a nightmare of sorts lol. But its all up and running now and I hope people are still interested, would be nice to actually get to RP it this time XD
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