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  • if it helps, I got the idea of my devil fruit from an old cartoon ^^;

    I found this old One Piece thing too and I'll admit that there are similarities
    Nay, I will not be joining Nonsense, for reasons other than my own, as an exterior force blocks my way to it...

    As for starting my own RPG..maybe...

    I have SO many rough drafts and idea outlines and the like, but I lack the drive to finish all of them, as I like my things to be Tolkien Perfect, le har har sigh....

    btw, Thriller has no affect on me....however Indian Thriller....look it up, on the good ole site of Youtube, that. is. my. weakness. .
    Brains! *holds up flag with a brain on it*

    You better arm your lawn with peashooters, and sunflowers, and wallnuts...because a HUGE WAVE of zombies have entered your estate *que dramatic music*

    anywho, *leans against fence post, pop-opens a can of soda* ....yeup.....

    I live too, kinda, hopefully, yes.

    The Archa's back! And he's ready to Rumble!
    Wait don't shoot me O: I'm not a dangerous zombie!

    I'm a vegetarian zombie. yes, this makes sense. About as much sense as vegetarian vampires. xD
    Hey, I don't mean to bother you, man, but I was wondering if you would have time to post in the RPG soon. I understand if you don't, but Arthur interacted with Wolfgang a bit ago, and I didn't just want to leave that... it would just be strange.
    So, when and if you have time, please take a look back the the RPG n_n;;
    Brilliant =) Glad you can still take apart and it understandible so I wont bug you. I'll let the others know with my next post =)
    Hey Skeith, you have yet to post in the Digimon RPG and I was wondering if everything is okay? If you have RL problems or simply are to swamped with work then I understand if you want to pull out or if you want me to keep your place until later in the RPG and I can fill you in and what not. If you could let me know that would be great and hope your okay =) x
    Hey Skeith. Sorry for not being around I've been ill and to be honest I think I've mucked everyone around enough with the RPG, telling them I would start it and then have this happen =( I may try again some other time but I will let you know and your more than welcome to a spot if you want it. If I tried again I'm afraid something terrible might happen XD

    Sorry about this, but I've tried twice now only to have things delay it further XP x
    I would prefer Bearmon, but LeomonX doesnt go against my rules, so... Its honestly up to you. I'm sure your sign up would be fine either way. :D
    Leopardmon is fine, however, I can't let you use Leomon, as the cannon characters from the season have a part in this, and it wouldn't make sense for Jeri's dead digimon to be in the hands of someone else. If you can make a different line that leads to Leopardmon, then everything is fine.
    Alright-y, then. I know what you mean.

    And yes, very good idea indeed!

    In fact if you don't SU, that'll be part of the RP.
    But don't not SU because of that.
    Well, I'd just like to let you know that you're one of the RPers that I really wanted for the RP, along with the DOctor and a few others. Not pressurising you into doing it, just... wanted you to know that.

    Really don't mind if you want to do a mash up of any previous RP charries, really. As long as it's all high quality stuff.
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