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  • Nah, sorry, Skeith, I would like it if you did a specific type, okay? Only because this way, it makes it look even more that we're in their shadows. Okay?

    I was gonna ask about where you were; I wanted you to partake in P:FT !

    Where are you on holiday?

    Oh, and what type will you be using now? Relative?
    Hey Skeith just to mention that game, Pokemon Mafia, is still looking for new people to joined. So if you still want to give it try go over there if not it's okay not all games are for everyone.

    You know we should join a RPG together for old time sake ^_^
    Sounds... exciting? Haha. I've got some swimming this week and other than that... nothing. Well actually I went to a movie last night, but that's about it.
    Nonono, you misunderstand what I was saying. I know that Aspbergers is a diverse condition, it's just that, like tourettes, it is often stereotyped. and some people seem to think that Smart and anti-social = Aspbergers, when it's not.
    Orihime's response to your post.
    It's not really a "get-out-of-jail-free" card; rather, it's the fact the US are extraditing him on the grounds of "because I said so", and if they get their way, he'll be in the slammer for 60 years to get beaten and sodomized. The extradition deal we made with the Americans is grossly unfair; they can choose to arrest people over here, but we can't do anything to anyone with a US passport. Added to that, he's vulnerable; he wouldn't last a month in a US jail. They're treating him like a terrorist on par with bin Laden but he's nothing like that, he just got too curious. He even says he was wrong and will happily do time in Britain.

    He was an idiot, but he should be trialled on British soil.
    Severely beaten

    Actually I'm fine. Hopeing to get into some good Rpin after a break that just went too long.
    I think I accidentely put you off my friend list D:

    So I wanted to friend request you, and ask how everything is going :D

    Also is your name from Neopets? lolol D:
    I'm just fine. I'm in college too but I'm not doing the summer term because we are planning a family trip and you'll probably notice that I'm playing Memory Reversal RPG and I'm thinking on joining Nothing but a Missing Number one as Suicune if no one take that spot.

    I'm also playing a lot of games in the Game Section. One is called Pokemon Mafia which there are good guy and bad guys. The good guys are trying to figure out who are the bad guys are and bad guys try decieving them and kill them all off. It's quite fun.
    Hey Skeithy I was just thinking about you. Really I was, a bit strange XD How are things going for you.
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