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  • Hahahaha, reading through my old messages to you...I can't believe I had friends in the first place honestly, what was wrong with me? Ahaha.
    It's gone so quick since I last was on here, it doesn't even feel like 2 years.
    Well, I doubt I'll ever fully come back to Serebii, or fully get back into spriting either, but thanks for always being such a good friend to me on here, thanks for all the advice and constructive criticism which really did help me to improve my spriting.

    You were pretty much my best friend on here, and I doubt you'll ever read this anyway, but I just wanted to say thanks for all the help Tim. :)
    tim, its me
    i just wanted to say that kooper is the gayest kid in the world
    and i am going to bash him up like i did but then he dobed on michael ,ben and i.
    so he will get a big dent in his face!
    Okay, I won't worry about my rating too much, i just thought that if it was at least 4 stars like it was, it would get more views even by a little bit, i know thats probably a bit selfish, i rated on other people fairly i just wanted them to do the same, if they did rate(I dont care THAT much about the rating as long as its 3.75/4 Stars Im extremely happy, but Okay I wont worry about it too much. Its just that sometimes people expect a lot more from someone. I don't look at everyone elses rating, just my own, I don't pick what thread to look at based on the rating, just so you know.:)

    P.S Thanks for the reply Btw, from now I will try Sprites and if they are no good thats too bad for me, If they're good, then thats great I guess. Sorry if im being an idiot to you.
    yeh, i never thought that I could pull off making a too Complex Pokemon Sprite. like you said, if i do try to make a sprite, i should start off easy like trying bug pokemon or other easy pokemon to create, and just work my way upward. BUT... eventually i might try that Dwagin one, but that'll be a long time away, if ever.
    Thank you for giving me a least a little support, because im feeling better about spriting already, plus if I post a couple sprites at least, I might be able to barely keep it alive and just not bother about the rating, then post some better sprites, but if it dies... thats okay i guess. I'll just try again. :)
    since last year i have been thinking about making fakemon, i even thought up names and stuff, my first idea was a pokemon called "Coruppy" Corrupt Puppy, It was a Dark/Steel or Ghost/Steel, then it evolves into "Execanine" Or "XK-9" Execrable(Meaning Cursed, if you dont already know) Canine. It was going to be black, with 3 legs, 1 artificial made of various metal parts, a bit missing out of its ear, and its ribs showing through a hole in the side of its stomach/back.
    Then when I was in adelaide, we were driving home and I was REALLY bored, so I started coming up with sprite ideas, I thought of Dwagin, a Small green dragon(about the size of a basketball or a bit bigger) with small purple, red or blue wings, I couldnt really decide... it evolves into Dragoon, probably gotta come up with a better name, its a long-ish dragon that is a Darker Green Colour with few Brown Stripes(A bit like Raichu's stripes) and some other features(It might make it have a Lance or something, and probably a small horn). it then evolves into Draking when it's holding the kings rock and is leveled up. Draking is a Dark Green colour that looks almost brown, it has Yellow/Gold-ish Stripes, Large Wings that are probably going to be coloured Blue, Gold or Purple, depending what colour I choose Dwagin's and Dragoon's wings to be, it might have a horn or something, and if i gave the Dragoon Sprite a Lance, I might give Draking a scepter, and maybe something else. So yeah... think I should try make them maybe?
    hey skeletim, my threads gonna die in a week, its ok, no-one likes my sprites,(haha) seriously i gotta find a way to get my reputation and rating at least a little higher, but other than that im doing fine, i am still making sprites, but im not feeling THAT great about posting them, since im starting to lose motivation, self esteem and confidence and ill get even more criticism(which is fine as long as its constructive, obviously.;p) but if i do decide to post them, this may be my best, or at least one of my best... if you want find out what it is(haha, thats a laugh) you'll have to wait and see...

    really i dont think its that great, but it was requested by my cousin and hopefully she and everyone else likes it. Sorry about this stupid post.

    thanks anyway, josh.

    I Also Commented on the Toto/Evo club Thread.
    Konnichiwa! =3

    Ääh, too hard to translate for me, at the moment. ^_^' We're studying hiraganas: a-no. Btw, really awesome you're studying it too. =D How many years have you studied?

    Oh, me? I'm doing ok. I got Naruto 8 today, but nothing special right now, unless my parents'll decide to go to see one relative. She lives quite far away (maybe like 300 - 500 km:s from here) so if my parents go there, I'll be alone with my big bro (and my hamster =3) for the whole weekend. XD

    How about you?
    I realized we haven't talken for a long time.

    So, hi! =3 I hope you're doing well. I kinda am doing well. Though, today I had a pretty bad day. :'( But in the Japanese class (yeah, I'm studying Japanese, today it was my second Japanese class) I just... got happier. And so I'm now fine. :)
    Thats true, even when I have a little bit of time, I sometimes get a feeling that I kinda don't want to go on serebii, but then I kinda do a little,(not that I don't like being on serebii) you get that feeling too huh? Sorry if I'm bothering you by talking, hope I'm not... but yeah, anyway.
    P.S: Did you see the feraligatr/Seviper fusion, it's probably not that good, but I just wanted to let you know that I'm going to start doing more totodile/evo fusions.(like you said) Since it is my favourite pokemon anyway. :D
    Seeya buddy, :)

    Bet you thought I was going to say "~Josh" at the end of this message.
    Well I'm NOT Haha, just kidding.XD

    ~Josh< (I honestly dont know why I write this all the time.:p)
    Hey, thought I might say hi, Umm sorry about me being away from the totodile/evos club, since I've been living with my nonna, (Grandma, yeh I'm half italian, even though I don't speak it or have an accent, If you care. :) ) But I'll be contributing more to the club because I obviously don't want to get kicked out! And I'll be updating my sprite thread today.

    Seeya Skeletim,
    Hi! :)

    I like it. It's just that I don't have Wii... :( I have only Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance SP and DS Lite.
    Hi! =3 Nothing, I also sometimes just forgot. :p Particularly when I have lots of friends to talk with.

    Oh, that's sad. :( I hope your second thread won't die so.

    I have no Wii. :[ I haven't ever even get to try to play with Wii nor touched it. :\
    No, Sadly I don't Have a Wii or Super smash bros brawl, But I REALLLY want it!
    Okay, I'm gonna Join! Sorry about the double post here.

    Hey skeletim, what are you up to? Spriting I guess, check back on my sprite thread If you want, Because I'll be posting a lot more sprites today, I'm going to check on your sprite thread now.


    P.S: Should I join the totodile club now? and what kind of things do you do in it?

    EDIT: I've posted a lot more, have a look!
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