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    Easily doable as well, catching kecleons with dex-nav to try and get one with ice punch/thunderpunch (the one I'm breeding is a lead of sorts, kinda like a physical version of greninja, in case you're wondering).
    FC's in my signature (should be on the "about me" tab in my profile). Nickname is easily doable, bit of a warning though, the Reshiram has crappy IVs and a serious nature (so it's pretty crappy for competitive, if you're using it for that sorta thing).
    They'd help immensely, as with both I can start breeding off these omega-ruby H/A kecleons for my OU team.
    I actually have that reshiram if you're looking for it. Don't really know what you have, but if a Diancie, everstone, or destiny knot are in your "supplies" I'll happily take any of those.
    U need clear your inbox I can't reply to u clear it an i can't see online try adding my FC 1263-7123-1219 an ign is micheal
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