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  • When you add milk to cereal, does it become a beverage, a broth, or a sauce? Answer carefully, as your life depends on it.
    Excellent! I am sooo hyped for Ultra Burst and Move Tutors! What Gen VII moves do you think will be in there?
    I get what you mean. Trust me in that Omega Ruby and Moon are great (the former may be first game bias but still they're awesome) and I have no idea for Blue since I gave up on my Red copy ages ago. As someone who got used to the more fluid later games I can't get into the old ones.

    If I'm really honest I had to go on the Wikia page for the game after I finished it just so that I could make sure I had got my facts right. It was crazy but I loved it. And yeah, attractive guy does a sword fight. I suggest you look it up on YouTube or something, it's a very good cutscene with a very pretty man. Also YESSSS they are so immersive, like I didn't mean to finish off Pandora's Box in four days but I did because I played it into the night because I didn't want it to end.

    On another note though, the iPad spinoff is like really different to the main series (there aren't even any logic puzzles, but instead you get to search through 3D crime scenes and stuff) but it still has an amazing plot with amazing characters. It was acually my first exposure to the series aneat if you have a tablet I'd recommend it!
    Welp. From interviews I've seen apparently you can play USUM without knowledge of SM's story but whatever.

    Soooo basically Pandora's Box (sequel to Curious Village both chronologically and by release date) is just like one of the most enchanting games I've ever played? Like during Curious Village I wasn't expecting the robot plot twist, and when I played this one I was like "right how are they going to beat the plot twist of the last one" and they actually managed it. If robots are crazy then a hallucinogenic gas causing an entire town to believe that said town is remaining the same for fifty whole years is freakin insane. Also not to mention that in the final chapter there's an actual sword fight between Layton and a really attractive guy who ended up involved in some romance tragedy. It's so over-the-top but that's what I love about it, since Layton is one of the few series I follow nowadays that allows itself to go just beyond the borders of reality while remaining so charming and fun.

    Wow that was a rant.
    Like I said to someone else earlier, evil incarnation of the pride flag. I'm avoiding them spoilers like they're the plague but I've still accidentally seen two things. Lucky for me those things I saw from a mile off so it's not that bad for me. I just hope that nothing big and unexpected gets spoiled for me.

    Do you mind if I spoil the other games I've played? It's just that they're amazing when experienced blind.
    I thought I was gonna go offline for a while but then I realised VMing on Serebii doesn't entail spoiler-avoiding all that much.

    I'm gonna fully reply to your comments in my gallery once I've done a new drawing, but I just wanted to ask - how much Prof Layton have you played? I was just wondering since I've currently played two of the main series ones and a spinoff and need to vent about how great they are.
    *Dialga is glad Rockruff's Halloween went well! :D

    Dialga went to the movies to see Happy Death Day with a close friend. He didn't dress up or go trick-or-treating, though*
    Why do you always use RP characters that would get along with mine? :p

    Look, I'm using visitor messages. Discord will not kill the VM!
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