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  • Yay! :3

    I’ve been busy with homework myself, but I try to come back on Serebii whenever I can so I can talk to some amazing people like you :3

    It’s good that you’re calm in times of stress. Stay positive!
    Hey dude, I was just asking since you seem know some stuff about this - on recolor.me, do I have to unlock all of the clothing before I can use it for my RPG characters or is there a way to do it instantly?
    *Latios tells Rockruff he has been playing Yu-Gi-Oh Duel links a lot recently and wonders if Rockruff has tried it.*
    Sorry that I'm being especially pushy for that post lately, I guess being really sick has been getting to me
    As much as I really don't want to stress you out, but you know you have until the 9th of this month to post to Amrita?
    I'll listen to em tomorrow! Here's my playlist on YouTube. I'll also mention the ones on the list that I recommend AT ALL COSTS AND YOU SHOULD MOST DEFINITELY PRIORITISE WATCHING:
    Here ya go

    You've already heard ECHO (and probably a couple of others) but here is the list of priorities:
    Ikanaide Gakupo version
    Wave Lily Version
    Anything by VY2/Yuma
    Circus Monster All Versions
    Dream With You
    The Distortionist
    Bad Apple!

    Sorry bout that, accidentally sent before finished.
    Haha, I was about to ask the same! I've got a whole playlist of like eighty of my favourites if you wanna spend a while just listening to Vocaloid (like I am totally not right now...)!
    And I'm not going to bring it up where other people can see it, so if you wanna ask, do it on Discord.
    I just thought I'd ask - other than ECHO, do you listen to any other Vocaloid songs? I'm just asking since I kinda fell down the Vocaloid hole recently.
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