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  • Dad brought an electric fan into my room, but I feel it's mostly just blowing hot air all around and not really helping much. And I have to deal with that noise when trying to sleep. :/

    You named a Clefairy Monster Guy?
    :p... I'm used to being ignored too. It's somewhat infurating that for my story, I've posted 31 chapters, but have gotten less than 15 replies. And a majority of that is from the review pact I've made with American--Pi.

    Also, I'm sorry in advance if it seems that I reply instantly to your messages: I learned to type real good, and my compulsive checking of forums has me quite active.
    ... yeah, hence why I am trying to write a fanfic, and why I am not afraid of my first and only fic being eventually over 45 chapters long.
    I did not enjoy it.

    It was beyond bad. It was horrifying, like a train wreck. Except not even a trainwreck you can stare at in horror.

    It was like a train full of children falling into a volcano.

    I'm pretty sure I was reduced to tears and banging my head against the wall several times during the reading. And it takes some serious sh!t to get that reaction from me.
    A friend of mine read it, and posted a youtube video of her reading it. In response, I went in blind and listened to her read it, and wrote an apocalypse log as I did so. It was... Interesting.

    So yeah, I ended up listening to the equivalent an audiobook of the necronomicon.

    Strangely enough, my dreams weren't that bad.
    Ah, okay. That sounds about right. Though you should know I defend anyone I consider a
    friend viciously if anyone tries to do some bad stuff to them.
    I'm feeling better now that time has passed. Thank you for your help earlier, I didn't think I could make it out. >.<
    Anyway, how are you, Chaaase?
    Mine was so odd, I barely remember it. It involved some characters from things I like, and I was just watching them do stuff.

    Why are you going to a movie theater this late at night? :p
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