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  • *Dialga is so sorry to hear about Rockruff's mental suffering. He gives another hug to Rockruff and tells him that he's awesome and has such a big heart <3. Dialga is here for Rockruff no matter how bad he feels or how much he suffers.*
    It's completely fine! I miss stuff a lot of the time too.

    Aww man, that must suck. I hope that whatever you're going through gets better soon!

    Also, in case you didn't see in my art thread or on Instagram, I got some new pencils and they're working a treat for me!
    Ok, I thought literally all the states were on fire as we were typing. xD

    Conditions seemed to have returned to normal over here. Now I'm hoping dad gets the generator plugged in later so I can have electricity. xD
    That's news to me, I haven't heard anything about a fire here, then again all that I've heard on the news lately is about the hurricane, and that sounds a lot worse than any fire that might be going on in the west right now.
    Once again, I know I said this on Discord, but I wouldn't say Nevada is on fire. Especially after we got rained on pretty hard a couple nights ago
    How did that happen?

    Hurricane Irma is here. It's windy and wet. Wanna trade? We'll at least have power. :p
    *Dialga almost shed a tear upon hearing how Rockruff is feeling. He hugs Rockruff with all of his love and then massages his shoulders <3. Dialga hopes that Rockruff gets well soon and he wishes the best for Rockruff's relationship with his boyfriend*
    Latios tells Rockruff he hasn't been feeling so well himself since yesterday. HE also says he is going to need to change his vacation because originally he was going to be flying to Florida on Sunday, but due to the hurricane will need to change plans.
    Aw, hop you get better even quicker!

    Thanks! I've just made Cole now and shoved his picture on Enraptured.
    Hi, how are ya!?

    I was just wanting to ask about the avatars everyone (including you) seems to be using in RP sign-ups, and I was wondering where they actually come from, cause I'm wanting to maybe make one for Cole before Enraptured starts.
    I get that you might be busy with SUs and such at the moment, but are you planning to post on Amrita afterwards? I asked you this on Discord, but it doesn't seem like you've been on that lately.
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