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  • Ah, I see it now, it's kinda hidden beneath all the others lol.

    The mirror behind all of them doesn't help either, instead it makes the pic more confusing :p
    Why TWO Decade? Only the one riding the bike is needed :p
    Also, nice Shinigamihakase Memory, I saw the Memory Memory (along with Sasori-Kani-Ebi Medals within the same package) on the same shop I mentioned there, but I didn't buy it because I would have no use for the Medals, as I don't have the belt :p
    The Memory at least makes sounds on its own, but the Medals are completely useless without the belt.
    it is. -_-
    it's telling me the gif is animated, that's why it won't let me use it.
    can i chain video stills together to make kind of a stop animation gif?
    So what you think of Kamen Rider Fourze? Personally I fun it be really funny and I love Fourze rocket drill kick attack.
    Hey whats up? If you like Super Sentai and Kamen Rider along with comics and Togashi's mangas. You are a cool guy in my eye. :) BTW I remember a year ago or so we had a huge disagreement on a stupid issue. Sorry about that since I know now that I was wrong. lol At me saying that manga isn't for kids. Hope you are doing well and I'll talk to you later.
    If your company is a major retailer or part of a chain there's certain regulations they have to follow set by the head CEO and possibly the government. This may involve asking for references that include home phone and an address of some sort. E-Mail is optional in most cases iirc.
    That's a very fair point and worth me checking.

    A phone may be trackable but a work email is just as useful. If anything, someone is more likely to reply to an email. If you miss a call from an unknown number, a lot of people simply wouldn't ring it back. In the case of a job like this too, where it's little more than a character reference, I honestly don't see the issue.

    Your last sentence. I agree, and I decided it wasn't/isn't. I don't feel other people's private information should potentially be put at risk for the sake of 12 hours per week of manual slave labour.
    Right right right.

    First off, how is an email different from a phone in working out a person's identity? You can fake either.

    Secondly, it's the principal. The company should not be getting details as personal as home addresses for references. It's morally wrong. Third, only a complete retard can't stack shelves. They could hire and fire me in an hour if that proved to be the case. Hardly a highly skilled job that people won't apply for.
    Hi, I'm wondering if you seen this
    The ranger color line up makes me think of Goseiger. Do you think they'll adapt Goseiger to Power Rangers? I think they'll do it.
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