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  • Mm. I know what you mean. in some cases, playing to every cliche can actually result in awesomeness. It's not just creativity that matters, it's the excecution.
    Oh, really? Well, that's a little bit hopeful. I'm only on episode 9 atm. I mean, it isn't horrible or anything, but it's more the whole talking car motif and other childish things like that that put me off. Shinkenger has definitely been my favorite Sentai so far, due to the serious streak it had, but also the characters were so lovable and whatnot.
    Mm, I only got back into Sentai recently with Shinkenger. I saw the opening and it was just really awesome-looking, so I wanted to try it out. I ended up loving it, and then I watched Goseiger, and now I'm on Gokaiger/Go-Onger. Gokaiger is pretty awesome. Nostalgia really hits home, but not really feeling Go-Onger atm.
    I feel like I've crossed paths with you in the past somewhere on the forum, although I can't recall where or how, but just wanted to say, love the sig. xP I didn't think there would be any Sentai fans here that were prominent members.
    Fair enough. But as I said, the same can be said for pretty much all the big names. Stan Lee and Jack Kirby have been copied relentlessly. So has Toriyama, when it comes to that.
    Well there's a difference between what you're talking about and Dialogue. Those guys just brought us the GRIMDARK era though admittedly Moore hated the fact that he made all comics become a copy of Watchmen.
    If a character says it, it's dialogue. Whatever the excuse, people shouting out a running commentary of their actions is poorly thought-out and downright cheap writing.

    But I guess since it seems that the tone of Watchmen et al isn't to your taste, we can agree to disagree. But I will add that whatever does well will end up being ripped-off a thousand times over so this isn't really an issue exclusive to Alan Moore's work.
    Hey sweetheart, I hope YOU know that I love you more than you will ever know! :] <333333333333333 LeiLei misses RiRi too xD *mwah*
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