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  • Hi, I have a question: What is wrong If I trained a pokemon that was given to me over the GTS and that pokemon is hacked, will I have any problem if I used it at battle that was set in this forum?
    Hi, I have a question: What is wrong If I trained a pokemon that was given to me over the GTS and that pokemon is hacked, will I have any problem if I used it at battle that was set in this forum?
    yo skiks bother to sign onto msn why don't you x.x
    friendly reminder from your msn-faring thugs
    Is a cloned pokemon considered to be a hacked pokemon?
    PD:Answer me in my forum please
    please can u help me to be friend or just have a single Wi-Fi battle against Serebii, I just want to show him that I can be perfectly a SPPF STAFF, just fight against him is my only wish because here in my country there is no one than can defeat me.If u help me, I will give u a pokemon u are searching for.

    Also I am searching a toys r us ARCEUS
    That doesn't quite surprise me, since when I've been seeing them around the store I've mainly just seen the vizkids reprints. The few I've managed to get so far have been the original VizAction ones surprisingly, but it doesn't really matter either way. Oh I still definitely agree though, it most certainly doesn't take away from your point at all. Just thought I should mention it since the thought crossed me. XD But I'm definitely glad they won't, especially since R/S is one of my favorite arcs. XD
    If Capcom listens to their fans to add characters for Marvel vs. Capcom 3, then how come Sakurai never did that for SSB?
    I don't either. And I don't get hard feelings either unless someone is just like, extremely nasty. XD That's true. I don't really think I'm too harsh or anything, especially compared to some people, never know though. Oh! Btw -- I meant to tell you I just thought of something. Megaman NT Warrior/Rockman.EXE manga was originally posted on their action label volumes 1-9, it wasn't 'til 10-12 they moved it to VizKids label. And then all latter reprints of 1-9 were also had their Kids Label, yet oddly they didn't cut anything out. XD
    Yeah I'm kind of unsure too. Like on one hand they censored the Pokeboobs, but at the same time I think a minor buttpat isn't "as bad" to where it'd have to be censored like the Pokeboobs. I'm going to hope they'll leave it in though. XD Yeah you have a point there. I mean I was already kind of surprised they let Yellow's Uncle keep his cigs so maybe they'll keep letting more things in. Considering death/violence will be fine -- I'm not really worried for as many edits if any now. I mean, the most amount of edits I could see for GSC besides butt pat is Claire's emphasized....body lines or if they found Eusine's Suicine underwear offensive XD. R/S -- the only things I could think of would be Sapphire's leaf outfit or that one swimmer guy who just wears a speedo, but both of those should be fine. FR/LG I think will be perfectly fine, they might make one of Carr's lines less vicious though (I believe in Chuang Yi's at one point he said something like "I'm going to crash this plane to kill you all and be your executioner!"), Emerald I think will be fine as well, since one panel of some liquid that could be line and a slightly emphasized Lucy bust won't kill anyone, and D/P should be fine as well. Basically all I worry for on D/P is how they'll translate ojosama, but as long as they don't use Chuang Yi's 'Missy' I'm good. XD I'm personally hoping for Little Miss or Young Miss, since those would probably be the closest they could get to a translation of it. Otherwise I'm good, and from what little we know of Platinum, HGSS and B/W I don't think there is anything to worry about. XD And I'm probably just be a worrywart about these ones too even. If they leave everything else alone I'll definitely be good.
    Oh! Another question though if you don't mind. Since they'll leave violence and death alone -- is there anything else you think they might censor 'sides Blue's dress? Like the infamous Gold patting Blue's butt? Or do you think that might be mild enough compared to the Pokeboobs that they could keep it? And, is there anything other than that or do you think they'll leave everything else alone?
    Okay, I just responded to your comment in "Is The Viz Media release of Special Worth Getting?" thread. XD I actually agree with a lot of what you said. I'm sorry if I'm coming off as a jerk in that thread or anything though, I don't mean to. >_> In fact I originally was only going to comment once with my original comment of "I think either version is fine since they both do a pretty good job", but something posted a post really insulting Chuang Yi and it kind of got me worked up I guess. XD I can understand preferring Viz and what not, but I don't really think CY's is as bad as people like to say it is.
    Hey, I just looked at Spiritomb's Dream World Ability, and I don't get it at all, what's a "Wall" first of all?

    Also, I agree, I hope Triple Battles aren't as Linear as Double Battles
    Wow, that certainly answered my questions. Feraligator, Typhlosion and Venusaur have the best Dream World Starter Abilities by far, Meganium remains useless, if IT had Solar Power or Double Speed, it would have some minor use :eek:

    Thanks Skiks
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