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  • I fortunately get CDs very often, though admittadely I use torrents even more often. =/

    Complete opposite around here, haha.

    Yeah, I'm not really sure if I could do it again.

    Which is probably the main reason I wouldn't very good at it, I'm not very creative and usually I tend to force things like that.

    Depends, it's mostly because a lot of the more vocal ones fit into some form of terribly annoying stereotype.
    I try to do that, but usually laziness combined with liking other albums at the time push it back.

    Ah, true enough. Music elitists in general just take a lot of the fun out of it. Metalheads and indies tend to be the worst though.

    I do enjoy playing the keyboard, and have actually learned to improvise on it fairly decently, as well as change a few guitar parts on a few songs to keyboard parts, which is fairly difficult to do. The bass is just amazing though, can't think of one song that wouldn't do better with a better bass line, if said bass line could be improved.

    Writing songs I would imagine would be very hard, myself, for a number of factors. Alright, thanks.

    Fair enough, I just mostly find a majority of the fanbase intolerable, which is probably why I hated some of it before even trying it, haha.
    Well, I'm still listening to Pork Soda the most right now, probably because it's the most familiar of the albums I have. Once I listen to a bit more of each album I'll probably have a better way of deciding which one seem the best to me.

    To put it into simple terms, the metal community is very elitist; they don't think you're a "trve" metal listener unless you listen to a certain handful genres of it, like early black metal that evolved in Norway or the "peak" of death metal (which had become known as "brutal death metal"). If you listen to more casual genres like melodic metalcore and the like, you're labeled as a poser. At least some of the community is like that.

    Haha, I have been meaning to try some jazz on it, I can play a few songs but obviously I can't improvise yet. I'm going to keep up on the keyboard, casually albeit, but every now and then I'll whip out the old thing and start playing. I would rather play bass, yeah, it just has an awesome sound. Not to mention everyone says I look like a bass player, and my lower voice doesn't help that, haha.

    That's all pretty cool. Especially the writing part, even if it never really works out, at least you can say you've tried; I'd like to try it sometime myself, but I probably wouldn't be too good at it.

    Also, when I was reading through waylt:

    I have to side with pink skitty on this one. There's no such thing as "too tired to watch Death Note."
    Haha, guess I remain the only person in waylt who isn't interested in Death Note or other anime.
    Yeah, Sailing The Seas Of Cheese is my favorite of their albums I have right now. I don't think they've released a track I didn't like though.

    Reminds me a lot of metal, if you don't listen to "trve Norwegian black metal and/or brutal death metal" your consider a poser ***, haha.

    I play the clarinet in my school's band, I took about a year and a half of keyboard, know a tiny bit of guitar, and am going to be learning bass soon (to help get the hang of a string instrument like that before jumping straight into guitar). Don't write any music, just like to play it. You?
    I downloaded a discography but a lot of the albums were either missing or had terrible quality, so I only ended up making off with Sailing The Seas Of Cheese, Tales From The Punchbowl, and their Rhinoplasty EP (which I was surprised to find it was a cover EP).

    Punk is one of the genres that I can't seem to find a place to start because it's had a hand in so many other genres and subgenres, haha. I'll definitely check them out sometime, thanks.

    I rarely even choose to listen to it, it's usually because my iTunes is on shuffle, a song comes up, I take shuffle off and listen to a few tracks then put shuffle back on.

    No problem.
    I might download some more Primus stuff right now in fact, if I have the chance.

    Well hardcore punk would be one I'd want to try, I've listened to some early stuff like the Sex Pistols which didn't really hook me. I've mostly been listening to Discharge, Melvins (more sludgy, but still fairly hardcore), and Nausea, if you consider them hardcore, if that gives you anything to work off of.

    I like pop punk because it's something soft that still has that sound in the lyrics that you can relate to; it's not really great to listen to all the time, but it's nice in small doses.

    Yeah, if you like that album I'd say go for Vultures next if you can; all they're work is pretty nice though, so feel free just to go with whatever you can find if you want.
    It's good to see bands doing that, eliminates them from releasing stuff that all sounds the same, and helps the band's sound mature.

    Yeah, I like all of the music my dad likes, though I also listen to some other things; I'm really just trying to experiment with my taste at this point.

    I like a few pop punk bands, mostly because I liked them when I was first getting into music and part of me still kind of clings to those cliche Green Day-ish bands; though I'm currently trying some punk that was around during the 80's, crust and the like. Depends on your definition of "meaningful", but their albums all keep within a decently similar sound. What album did you find?

    Nah, I still have a listen to the album I own once in a blue moon, but it just never really could bring myself to bother looking up more work. I'll probably do it eventually, whenever the hell I find myself low on new bands to check out, though I think that will be quite awhile.

    Indeed he did, in fact I obtained their entire discography from him. I just felt Californication resonated with me a bit more, if you know what I mean. I love all their work though.

    It's exactly like that, given that post-grunge is to grunge what pop punk is to punk; basically the same, only with mainstream elements and and a more "commercial friendly" kind of sound. I'm very familiar with Smile Empty Soul, in fact I've been following them for about a year as a band. They indeed are post-grunge, very much so in fact.
    Yeah, I went searching through the black hole that was my closet and found an old album. Listened to it, it was pretty awesome actually.

    Primus was one of those "spur of the moment bands" for me, I heard the name, looked them up, and immediately went out to buy an album. I've been enjoying the Chili Peppers since I first heard them, when I was just going off my dad's influence on music and first listened to their... Freaky Styley album iirc, and have been in love with the band ever since. Strangely enough I've been gravitating towards Californication which I used to simply regard as their attempt at a more mainstream sound, but it's becoming my favorite album as of late.

    Yeah, been into it for only about a year, still kind of playing with it. I'm probably the only person you'll talk to that loves both post-grunge and grunge, even though I believe the former is looked at in a worse light than it should; get past those generic "Daughtry/Nickelback/Fuel" clones and you can find some decent work, even nowadays, though I believe the genre was more at it's prime in the mid 90's; Nickelback, Fuel, Seether, Breaking Benjamin, etc are more hard rock, though I do enjoy at least bit of each of every one of those band's work.
    All of those sound like good recs, thanks. I think I have an old Fungus Amongus album laying around here somewhere, the name rings some kind of bell. I basically have the Chili Peppers entire discography, except for maybe one or two of their last albums, I kind of fell out of following them at some point or another, I think when I went through that heavy grunge phase or something.
    Will do those. I've been looking for more funk rock~ish work anyway, it's a genre that I've been meaning to get into. The only artists that could be consider even close to funk rock that I listen to are Clutch, Faith No More, Fishbone, and Rage Against The Machine. I've been told Incubus' early work is funk rock, but I don't really hear it.

    You would think it's the only song anyone there knows, at least I've gotten some of the players into other thrash work.
    I can see where they're coming from though, Primus did take a lot of elements from a few metal genres in their work, but honestly to me don't fit into one genre entirely; sure I don't have a lot to base this off, but from the bit that I've heard I stand by what I say.

    Would be better than them spamming Pantera's "Walk" over and over again like they do over here, honestly I like Pantera but hearing that song so many times just gets annoying.
    Indeed I do know of Primus, albeit I only have their Pork Soda album and a few random tracks from a few albums after that. I myself don't consider Primus metal or something that close to it, though I think many will disagree.

    I don't honestly see why the wouldn't become popular, they fit kind of into the "Metallica/Iron Maiden/insert other popular heavy metal band here" range of heaviness and have that kind of sound that makes them easy to get into.
    Yeah, wouldn't figure someone who played Primus would be interested, just wanted to clarify. They're pretty easy as far as accessibility goes, so they'd probably be good for that actually. I'm not sure if they've released any full albums though, or how easy it is to find most of their music.
    I've never heard of Religion of Control, but I love the title of that song you listened to.
    Their actually called Wolfpack Unleashed, they're a fairly newish~ band to the thrash metal scene. One of the best new thrash bands I've heard too.
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