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Recent content by SkinnySweatyMan

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    Things in media that scared you as a kid.

    Oh man, I used to love that show. That one and Tales from the Crypt (although my mom would cover my eyes for certain parts). I remember one time I threw a fit because my babysitter didn't let me watch Are You Afraid of the Dark?.
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    Digital Press Gone

    Yeah, I noticed this too. I randomly decided to see if the forum was still up after I found out the site was down, and I was surprised when it was. A couple of months ago or so, the forum was down but the site was up. I just assumed they were getting lazy since it's not a very active community...
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    Bad Games, Awesome Music

    That's funny. Dragon Quarter is easily a top five PS2 game for me and a tier two game overall. The only thing holding it back from being a tier one game is the music. Don't get me wrong, Sakimoto is a good composer, but I just feel that he was a bad choice for this game as the music didn't suit...
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    Storytelling Mechanics

    I'm not sure about a forced loss just because of the nature of the game. With training and strategy, you'd be able to overcome pretty much anything, and that's also one of the main aspects of the games. I do agree that the admins are pushovers, though. I think they should be amped up a bit so...
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    What Video Game are you currently playing?

    I generally play three or four games at any given time: a longer game on a console, a longer game on a hand held, and one or two games that are meant to be finished in one sitting (usually lack save features). Right now, those games are Shining in the Darkness, Fossil Fighters: Champions, and...
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    What do you collect other than Pokémon?

    Whaat? But the Model 1 Geneses are (generally) so much better! Although, I guess you'd get more money for it.
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    Video game ideas.

    From my experience with the series (mostly Nocturne/Lucifer's Call), I wouldn't really say there's a fantasy tone present. It's definitely dark, but it's very much a post-apocalyptic setting in present day Tokyo. Also, a lot of the interaction with the demons varies depending on the current...
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    What do you collect other than Pokémon?

    Now that's a collection with a lot of potential. Are there a decent amount of older ones or do you primarily have new(ish) ones? I collect all things media. I mostly collect video games, movies and music, but I also have a decent amount of books, board games and other things. I only collect...
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    Video game ideas.

    Would Starflight qualify?
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    Another Fresh Face

    Ah, yes... cable trading and battling. Those were the days. I jumped from GBC to the regular DS a few years ago or so, so I probably got a pretty similar experience to what you got. Anyway, I was wondering why no one welcomed someone who was so enthusiastic about joining this forum. It seems...
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    The 12 Song Album Game

    Songs whose titles related to Halloween 1. I Come and Stand at Every Door - This Mortal Coil 2. This Is Halloween - Marilyn Manson 3. All American Nightmare - Hinder 4. Candy Cane Children - The White Stripes 5. Scream - Michael Jackson 6. Graveyard - The Devil Makes Three
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    Did you ever trade/battle in Gen I?

    I did trade but not very often. In high school, a couple of my friends and I started to play again, and we would battle against each other. None of us really liked the third generation games (plus, I didn't even have a GBA) and the fourth generation games weren't out yet, so we had RBY and GSC...
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    Band Geeks!!!

    I was a band geek when I was in high school. I played bass (primarily upright) in jazz band and French horn in wind ensemble. I'm in college now (but not for long!) and have taken some orchestra classes as well as some jazz classes. I also play music outside of school; at the moment, I'm in a...
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    Tell a joke, die laughing -- New and improved!

    What do you call bread made by a duck? Iced tea.
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    MLB Baseball Thread

    What a terrible ending to a great season. The Giants were the last team I wanted to win the World Series.