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  • I get what you mean there. I have a few things I’m spying on eBay that I wanna buy from Japan, but I’m hesitating both due to lack of trust and I also want to see if I could afford a cosplay I’m thinking of doing... I haven’t tried a proper cosplay before so that’d be exciting.

    I don’t think I’ll be in London then, but if by some miracle odds I ended up going to the London Eye on the same day and time as you (and there would be the tiniest possibility of my irl friend who has their birthday on July 2nd) then that’d be cool.

    I’m hopefully going to Summer in the City (UK YouTube con, it has some gaming and anime stuff too due to the nerd status of like half of YouTube) but I really wanna go to Comicon in October because that’s dedicated to nerds. This year the only problem is that my new favourite band rarely comes over to the UK and the one day they are here this year is when I’m going, so that’s kind of annoying, but it’s a con so yeah. I hope you get to go to Anime Iowa next year, anything anime-related is probably good.
    Sounds pretty neat! International shipping really does suck though, although it led to one of my favourite events of all time when I had to go pick up a nendoroid from one of those big post places. I could tell you that story if you want!

    Ooo so you’re definitely going? That’s awesome! Do you know what day(s) you’re coming over here? (I’m in London on the weekend of the 11th-12th August probably unless other things get in the way since I’m going to a UK convention, so if you’re over here around that time then pop over to the entrance of the ExCel, I’ll probably be there or inside or smthn)

    *deep breath* ok.

    So uhh yeah, how have ya been? I’ve been suffering drawing a lot and I’m getting quite proud of my style!
    I have put changed my profile pic here, but I did on my Instagram account. Now my little Salsa bowl has a Santa hat over there.

    Yeah, the gameplay is actually really awesome. I can’t wait to see the fic stuff you’ll add!

    I don’t think I’ve heard of that but I may look it up. If you were dragged into boy hell then haha saaaame except I did it to myself. I can’t even start on the amount of visual novels (*coughcough* romance ones) that I’ve fallen for which have mainly boy-filled casts. I could mention a few of them if you want, one of my favourites actually has an anime adaption (though the anime is a bit of a huge confusing mess minus the absolutely brilliant OVA).

    Uh... yeah.

    Also it was ages ago now but I finished off USUM and daaaaamn I love it. Plot’s great, the battles are a healthy mix of “not that hard” and “LORD SAVE ME NOW” and I’m in f*cking LOVE with the URS. So yeah. Also Ultra Necrozma was amazing.
    Thank you for the poking! Since it's late I may have to read it tomorrow but YESSS ITS BEEN TOO LONG-

    Also I've been playing Ultra Sun (just reached Konikoni) and I love this game so far. It has some of the old staples of SM, but just enough new elements to make it feel refreshing and different - while also being really intriguing and cool.
    Oh boy I can wait to fight the evil incarnate of the pride flag /s

    I expected the whole game got leaked from the moment I saw the forums now had an USUM spoiler thread. I've started trying my best to avoid the internet, and I'm only on here to VM people until I've played the game. I actually told my sister about it and she said she was disappointed in the fandom despite not being in it XD

    YESSSS more DSTM! I've missed it. I say we could still give him midday but then have maybe a rival get Dusk? I could see Ryan really pissing off Allen with that one.

    Hey, how about we do a writing idea trade? I've got a new fic I've been writing (sig as evidence) and I need a couple more ideas for it.
    As far as I've seen the only thing that could be considered Kanto pandering at this point is the fact that our huge evil team is called Rainbow Rocket instead of, idk, Rainbow Evil People. The Alola form thing is kinda iffy, but as far as I know there aren't any new ones (unless tomorrow's trailer proves me wrong).

    1: as long as there are more people than in SM and they are actually people I don't regularly forget then I might try it, if there isn't then I'm bailing out again. Battle Tree was laggy as hell for me when I first bought SM so it wasn't worth going through it for people I didn't care about.

    2: awesome! I can't wait to see all the plot twists. I caught a glimpse of a minor spoiler that said Lillie is now a trainer but I was expecting that so I don't mind too much. Like you said, good fanfics are still good, so this game should be fun!

    Side note but I am super happy the games are taking a darker twist from here on out. As someone who soaks up story and lore like a weird sponge, I couldn't really get motivated to play my virtual console copy of Red since there was barely any incentive for me to keep going. As the generations have gone on thou, I've become more and more interested in the story since it's become such a larger focus (even XY's story, unpopular opinion there)m and it's why I'm looking forward to USUM so much - while I don't know the full story, what I know so far seems really exciting!
    Heyo! So I'm assuming that you've seen the USUM leaks here since you saw the SM ones last year, but this time I have decided that I'm avoiding YouTube, Instagram and the USUM discussion threads like the plague. However, I do wanna ask a couple of questions if you have indeed seen the leaks:

    Is the Battle Tree actually good?
    Without spoiling any of the story, what's your opinion on it?
    Heck to the yes for the aliens!! Also I just realised that there's only something like five weeks left until USUM comes out which is close as heck.

    Uhh because I wanted to???

    I'm really happy you got that Division 1! Typical of other people to only be useful when they are actually performing something.

    Omg that's so cool! I'm asking for mine for Christmas so I've gotta wait for a bit but I can't wait!
    *continues gently poking* hey, the news, it's pretty heckin cool, there's like characters from different dimensions n stuff

    Also, just curious, are you a fan of WWE? I've been getting into it recently.
    *gently pokes* hey, hey, hey, didja see the new trailer with a ton of f**king exciting info, hey, hey

    Also I changed up my avatar and user title because I feel like our little massive eye wall pure bean doesn't get enough love.
    Oh boy. I say just try your best to cram in info then play as well as you can!

    (Accurate to my life tbh. I'm just lucky I get to hide in my room and work at a little desk with nobody to disturb me and have a Vocaloid playlist on to both help me focus and give me an excuse to listen to some awesome music. Speaking of, you should totally listen to Vocaloid.)

    That sounds like a plan! And yes, Nendoroids are adorable. I have one of N and I also have one of a Vocaloid called Len, so I nicknamed both of them Ndoroid and Lendoroid respectively.

    You should totally start up a galleryyyy neat! It'll be funny if one of us gets the other.

    Is kinda tempted to ask you to take a look at m most recent post in my gallery because I'm really proud of it but isn't sure if that's annoying self-advertising
    Just hyper-prepare. One time I had to do this drama exam thing in school and I didn't know the script at all until like a few days before the exam when me and my friend crammed in one huge revision session through FaceTime.

    (HYPE! I'm asking for one for Christmas alongside Zelda BOTW, Pokken and some Nendoroids.)

    Nuuuuu it's good! You really should set up a gallery here, I really wanna see more of your art since it's adorable :3
    It's fine! People reply late to stuff all the time, me included.

    Your profile pic is really good though! And I found I started improving after posting my art on Serebii since people here support people's art really well and give lots of tips, so maybe you could try doing that!
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