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Last Activity:
Aug 4, 2018
Sep 21, 2016
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Jul 4, 2001 (Age: 19)
Idol Hell

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Fanfiction writer, Female, 19, from Idol Hell

SkittleBox was last seen:
Aug 4, 2018
    1. Nerdy McNerdface
      Nerdy McNerdface

      So there are some new people on the new poster at the top - people wearing visors and suits like they're geared up to go somewhere dangerous. The only part of their bodies left uncovered by the suits is their hair, and even then it's only three of them - the last doesn't appear to have hair. Basically, we have four new people and we don't know who they are or what they're gonna do.

      My theories are as follows - they're either benign Fallers, a new evil group or a mix of the two. Due to Fallers being horrifically under-explored in SM, having a new group - benign or otherwise - show up as a major role would feel appropriate, satisfyingvand awesome all in one go, and their gear maybe even suggests that they chose to explore Ultra Space and find a new universe. While the benign take would make sense for a simple group of researchers, having them be a bunch of evil lunatics who lost some of their memories along the way to the new universe and thus were pushed to the brink of insanity is a thousand time more interesting and cooler to me so that's the path I wanna see with this new group. Plus, there's been this weird star-and-eyes symbol that's been showing up on the box art, at the end of some of the promotional vids etc, and I think it'd be cool if that was the symbol for a bats**t crazy new evil group.
    2. Nerdy McNerdface
      Nerdy McNerdface
      I came up with some USUM theories and need someone to bug them about so hellooo wanna hear a few?
    3. LadyTriox
      Hi :D I see you've been talking to nerdy mcnerdface. I like that person too^^ She's really cool :)

      What anime do you like? :3
    4. Nerdy McNerdface
      Nerdy McNerdface
      Okay, so before I say my theory, havecyou seen the new people on the poster?

      Awesome! Looking forward to it!
    5. Pikachu Fan Number Nine
      Pikachu Fan Number Nine
      [we haven't heard from you in the Truth or Dare thread for a while]
    6. Pikachu Fan Number Nine
    7. Nerdy McNerdface
      Nerdy McNerdface
      Heyo so I've been thinkin up some USUM theories, wanna hear them?

      Also sorry if I'm being pressurising or buggy but I hope you can beta read my thing soon because the comp's ending in like a week. Sorry if I'm pressuring you or anything :3
    8. Nerdy McNerdface
      Nerdy McNerdface
      Omg you drew it?! That's amazing! You really should start up a gallery here. Get imgur so you can direct link images, create a little banner for yourself and bam you're done!

      Thanks! I'm sure it'll be substantial critique either way. I hope you like it!
    9. Nerdy McNerdface
      Nerdy McNerdface
      Just go for it! The people here are very nice when they review.

      Battling Lillie is like the dream. I hope you'll be able to save up for all three!

      I'm glad it went so well!


      Also, didja get my PM for the Platonic Writing Contest? I'm just wondering since the deadline's coming up.
    10. Nerdy McNerdface
      Nerdy McNerdface
      So I just came up with something! Maybe you might gain more motivation to write for DSTM if you start posting it weekly on Serebii. People give reviews that can really help give a little push to keep going.

      Also, did ya see the most recent USUM news? Tropius is finally available in Alola, Mantine's got a sweet new minigame to travel between islands, Alola Photo Club looks great, we finally have Z-powered Lillie art and Hau looks to be serious for once!
    11. Nerdy McNerdface
      Nerdy McNerdface
      Aww, that sounds fun! I've helped out in nurseries from time to time, but I think I work best with kids around ages 7-11. I actually worked with an art group full of kids around that age the day SM came out over here!

      Yay! I'm around halfway through, but I'll send it over when it's done.

      Oh yeah, did you get the PM of the first part of that other fic I was writing? Just wondering.
    12. Nerdy McNerdface
      Nerdy McNerdface
      It may be an opportunity for Aurelia, but I just hope that Ash does an completely steal Nebby from Lillie.

      Woo for you! I say spend this baking hot day inside writing fanfic. That should be a good plan.

      I just thought I'd mention, I started writing a last-minute entry for the platonic writing contest, and I was thinking something. When it's done, do you wanna be my beta reader?
    13. Nerdy McNerdface
      Nerdy McNerdface
      Sooo it's just been announced, in the anime it's Ash that finds Nebby.

      I hope this isn't implying something...
    14. Nerdy McNerdface
      Nerdy McNerdface
      Why 32 though? Seems like an odd number to leave it on. Over here 20 degrees is around room temperature, 37 is the temperature of the human body and anything above 30 on the weather forecast is intimidating.

      Tell that to the UK who literally celebrate how a guy nearly blew up parliament but didn't by lighting a massive fire with a dummy supposed to represent that guy on top of it and watching it burn to nothing.

      But yeah, speaking of that trip... it was supposed to be a trip to Paris where the school choir sung some songs at Disneyland, but due to the heat several people got heatstroke, it was during the Calais strikes a couple of years ago, the girls who my sister was forced to room with were toxic, and in the end, only around 37 people actually actually went to see them sing. I can kinda see why my school shut down now. Speaking of, apparently they closed because they didn't pay off the people who they bought their new uniform from, something like 3 million pounds? It was stupid as f**k.

      Anyway, I need to go have a bath now so we'll talk later!
    15. Nerdy McNerdface
      Nerdy McNerdface
      Oh boy, hot weather. It reminds me of a school trip my sister once went on, but I'll talk about it later since I'm still learning. Ill be stopping in like 5 minutes though sooo yeah.

      It's fine, I'm clueless on Fahrenheit. Maybe we could teach each other somehow?
    16. Nerdy McNerdface
      Nerdy McNerdface
      *out of tune party blowy thing that I don't know the proper name of*

      It's fine, when I start planning things I get really into them. Tbh you probably already know that from old VMs XD

      Oh is it hot where you are? Here it's currently the opposite - the heating's been going on much more frequently where I am and I bought new fluffy socks to wear around the house. I do love a good school with air con though. Whiiiich my old school wasn't.

      I w i l l t o n i g h t
    17. Nerdy McNerdface
      Nerdy McNerdface

      It was confirmed to be an alternate timeline by some of Serebii's pre-release screenshots, mainly ones displaying Lillie and Nebby. Due to the footage we've seen of Necrozma, plus confirmed new characters, there is so much room for speculation! I could tell you some of my theories on things when I finish off my home schooling for the day. (Btw I thought I'd mention home ed is brilliant)

      Yes! Let's celebrate the anniversary! Should I write a little something for it?
    18. Nerdy McNerdface
      Nerdy McNerdface
      That moment when you're reading old VMs and realise I really miss talking to you near-daily and want to put this back into my routine again

      So thoughts on the USUM news that has been coming out?
    19. Pikachu Fan Number Nine
      Pikachu Fan Number Nine
      [You haven't posted in the Shippers Truth or Dare thread in a long time]
    20. Nerdy McNerdface
      Nerdy McNerdface
      Yep! Just thought I'd mention, I volunteered to do art for people, so if you want a picture to go with your fic for someone I can do it! And I was actually trying to make this summary as awful as humanely possible so you can see I if you want XD
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    Jul 4, 2001 (Age: 19)
    Idol Hell
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    WiiU is ded lmao
    hello im lame

    Aromantic af 16 year old girl who spends her life playing stupid idol games and Nintendo stuff and flute. I play a lot of stuff actually lmao. I also like watching people play sports because that's fun. I write stuff sometimes too. I have a sister on the site named WolfeyStar she's kinda cool.

    I'm not active on the forums anymore because the staff is too strict/I've found better Pokemon communities but PM me if you wanna talk about stuff.

    anyway have a nice day you're cool

    DM me on discord or something: SkittleBox#2677


    I'm not that active anymore, but feel free to PM me for conversations.​