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Last Activity:
Sep 30, 2014
Aug 4, 2006
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November 22

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skitty24 was last seen:
Sep 30, 2014
    1. sonic507
    2. 2bcelebi320
      OH! Now I remember you! How are you?
    3. Krug

      HeartGold and Ho-oh has nothing on Lugia's radiant awesomeness.
    4. 2bcelebi320
      Sorry, I don't. I see you're a friend of Ryu's.
    5. Krug
      I don't come he much either, I go to PokemonGTS.com for trading, and mostly still hang around here simply for RPing and RMT.
    6. Krug
      YOU! I remember you. It has been forever, but trust me my Memory is one of the best out there. I still remember when that gnome guy trolled General Discussion.
    7. chinzozak
      likewise old friend. I miss our old convos, even though we have our youtube back and forths every month or so. I don't even know if you will ever be online to see this haha seems like we log on here every 3 months or something. Anyway hope things are good.
    8. ChaosAngel
      *tries to remember*
      oh yeah.. you're Stepth, rite?
      Yeah.. been a long time.
      I'm not too active here anymore.. I only come here once in a while to post new shinies.

      How's life treating you?
    9. Tony the Awesome
      Tony the Awesome
      It's alright.

      Well, hopefully you don't need to. :\
      Man, damn firefighters >_<
      They better take out that fire.
    10. Tony the Awesome
      Tony the Awesome
      oh lol.
      for Magikarp.
      "Over sideways and under, on a Magikarp-et ride. A whole new world."
      "Over sideways and under, on a Magic Carpet ride. A whole new world."
      as in aladdin :)

      for ekans
      "Ekans see clearly now. The rain is gone!"
      "I can(s) see clearly now. The rain is gone!"
      you could find some more if you search on google :P
    11. *kawaii*
      hi skitty ^__^
    12. AZIIKO4876
      i also give out random invites to people.
    13. woot21
      hopefully college won't be like this?
      College is much better than high school. You can have all of your classes after noon. Meaning you can sleep in.
    14. Tony the Awesome
      Tony the Awesome
      If they don't make sense to you, then you should type it down.
      Like, "I'mma Raichu a love letter" -> "Im write you a love letter" or yeah :P
      I guess the ones you saw weren't perverted. If you keep looking around, you'll find them :P
    15. AZIIKO4876
      i am now although i don't know him. i send friend invites to any1 who visits my page and he visited my page.
    16. AZIIKO4876
      Aziiko or just Azii for short.
    17. Tony the Awesome
      Tony the Awesome
      Aww man, that sucks. :(
      Well, hopefully they'll settle down soon.
      I hope it all goes better soon. ^^
      Also, you should look up pokepuns on photobucket or google. some of them or funny, some of them are perverted -_-
    18. AZIIKO4876
      ello eggo waffle
    19. woot21
      Didn't even realize you or any of the old LPW gang was still on the forums any more even.

      I'm good, how about you?
    20. crobatman
      I have been getting adjusted to my new college.
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