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  • I feel it was HIGHLY unnecessary to close my thread. Asking for help in something ive never been a part of whether it be advice,low cards, or unwanted pack codes is completely reasonable. So instead of receiving any help at all from willing participants you just say no?
    Edit: This isn't to be angry or offensive but more so a "why?" kind of thing
    Can you close this shop? My trade partner doesn't come on here anymore and with 5th gen Wi-fi ending in a couple months, I doubt that it'll get any new posts (the last post was back in December).
    arlright i reported it like you asked ^_^ cross fingers it goes through also not trying to bug i swear about approval and stuff just curious to make sure he did everything right but my friend silentreaper the one you closed his shop in 5th gen trade shop section he submitted like a say a few days ago in the 6th gen section again cuaz he forgot to to add his wants just curious if he messed up again or just hasn't gotten too thats all I work in the same shop as him so I was just curious sorry to bother you didn't know how long it takes since i know you guys are so super busy with other stuff. See we closed the other since we wanted to move to 6th gen. i have no problem waiting i was just curious XD
    hey skitty i have a question is it appropriate to report someone if they admit they create/hack pokemon cuaz i got a message someone wanted to trade for some bank mons i had and the offers they offered were all not fair at all, so i said no trades but then the last message stunned me which he said that he can create the pokemon and then transfer them is that enough proof that he hack/creates pokemon. I have the pm still if you like to see it. I was just curious it just bothered me thank you for taking your time to answering my question.
    Thank you

    My friend Light said something about changing it into 6th gen forums because of how we only do 6th gen, nothing much else. ...Yet.
    Skitty! I know I haven't been on my shop at all, and it's very time consuming, but I'm starting it up with X version only Pokémon because of how I sold everything else!

    So can you change the Name to, Starvein's Hall of Glory, please?

    ...Also to 6th gen shops?
    Thats great news.

    I also got a few shinies as well.

    Would you be interested in trading 3DS Friend Code?
    Its for Friend Safari. I have a Dragon FS if your interested. :)
    Hey Skitty
    How you been lately?

    Hope you enjoy your Christmas and New Year. :)

    How's your shiny hunt going?
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