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  • I knew it. ;)

    I love X and Y. I agree with you on the Move tutors. But one thing I didn't like was the Post game and how small amount of Pokemon we received.
    But all the Pokemon looks cool so I guess its a win win.

    What do you think about the traveler in the hotel?
    "The Kalos region is nice, but you should check out my region. Its not Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova, or Kalos".
    Im doing well, thanks for asking. :)
    Out of Curiousity, did you choose your name cause you can breed Skitty and Wailord together?

    What did you think of the X and Y games? :)
    That's awesome, only IV bred Pokémon I've done were Fletchling, never with a flawless attack but Jolly and Gale Wings, Goomy with 4-5 perfect ivs and one random which was almost always defense, Squirtle that's relaxed but never flawless def til I switched the parents out 8 dozen times.... 600+ eggs and only 1 really good Pokémon to show for, however that goodra and an IV bred Klefki I traded for, rape everything on WiFi :)
    Holy sh** that's some awesome luck 0_0
    I've just been having trouble getting the right ivs when IV breeding
    Flawless UT spoiler, can't beleobe they actually say they can't guarantee legitimacy, I'm just trying to be careful, but its strange how you can ask for anything which is what I was getting at....
    Hey Skitty, is there a rule on Necro-bumping in the Trade Shops? I see that two members (the latter post look like it might lead to a fight) bumped this definitely dead shop (it's owner hasn't even been online in over two years).
    I didn't see that they're English I just assumed since the post with the "RNG'd" pokemon has all English OT's
    Keep an eye out on EtaHope please, they are offering requests on any pokemon and in they're completed orders list it has 2 English dw starters listed but they weren't released in America outside the Sinnoh starters, I know its not your section of the forums but keeping an eye on them would be a great help, thanks Skitty, also what's up?

    Edit: I see your looking for the shiny genesect event, some of the mods from Pokecheck downloaded the wonder card to their japanese Roms so they could be RNG'd to be flawless, I can get you one if you still want or don't have one
    i apologize again skitty but this guy here http://www.serebiiforums.com/member.php?346754-Umbreon2112 is trolling our shop up :( he keeps talking about my shop owners pokemon being from check which there not at all...he keeps constantly posting stuff about it and it not relevant to silent at all...could you help please and thanks :) its just annoying that he keeps accusing silent about all his pokemon is in the site called pokecheck for download which there not...
    Hi Skitty I have a member trolling my trade shop and my VMS. Umbreon2112 proceeds to troll about the pokes in my shop with no logical reason of doing so.
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