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  • hey there skitty i really don't like to make it look like im mini modding and on top of it this is kinda off topic in the trade shop section...am i right though this is off topic, he didn't ask for a trade just wanted help him to get a shiny egg? im sorry to disturb just really tired of seeing people post random stuff in our trade shop that has nothing to do with trading :/ as well double posters that don't use the edit button...I just wanted to inform about this for me and silent shop...


    i just wanted to report you though about this, im sorry if this is nothing disregard this if it is nothing sorry for taking up to much time...
    Sure thing i think he a bit over exaggerating about this cuaz i was over it like 4 or 5 days ago which i don't understand why he reporting now and haven't said anything in like 4 or 5 days ago but fine...
    I didn't really take well to the part about her calling "us" rude. I attempted to be as courteous to her as possible while my partner didn't even interact with her.

    I understand that badmouthing might not exactly be against the rules, but I didn't really like it. I'm just asking if you could, as a moderator, ask her to stop. If I'm in the wrong, please just say so. That'll be fine.
    Hi. As you can see, I'm Lord Zoroark.
    Recently, a user by the name of FairyWitch has been acting like a general nuisance and has even been badmouthing me and my partner, NotACookie. (The example of badmouthing happened on DracoStar98's page. Her other comments are in my shop [the link to which can be found in my signature]).
    Even though I'm rather irritated by her behavior, I'd normally be able to stomach it. However, she's also brought my partner into this, which is something that I won't stand for. May you please ask her to cease and desist, or otherwise correct her misdemeanors?
    You were a massive help and just being there as mod was enough, you were awesome investigating this case; like Sherlock Holmes! He is SO awesome! So, in a way, you too, were awesome. Thanks for trying to do your best, you were the best. Being here to help somebody is what you're here for, so that was like... again, AWESOME!

    Thanks a lot! *hugs

    And here's the quote I was referring to: Wait a minute... I found them talking about me:

    bleuumbreon - Today 10:16 AM Report




    Apocalylpse Lucario

    Apocalylpse Lucario - Today 10:14 AM Report

    yeah =D

    [lol i'll check it out then XD]

    No problem :D


    bleuumbreon - Today 10:07 AM Report

    SURE EASY :)

    sorry for all caps.....keys get seizure ;P

    Apocalylpse Lucario

    Apocalylpse Lucario - Today 10:04 AM Report

    maybe tommorow i really need to hunker down for the night and go to sleep.

    [lol she got a 2 week ban from PokeCity she deffinetely will be mad now XD]


    bleuumbreon - Today 9:56 AM Report

    could you send in a pm again to me.....about your guild :)

    [also i was thinking she might as well join you guild soon.....cuz i'm banning her for a long week for constant inactivity!]

    Apocalylpse Lucario

    Apocalylpse Lucario - Today 9:55 AM Report

    good only added one of your regular sign up forms and nothing else really just looking at other guild to see what else i need

    [i know, i read that...]


    bleuumbreon - Today 9:47 AM Report

    well and how good is your guild coming??

    [you know what.....she wanted me to ask mew if mew liked her or not....when i told her that i will not be asking...she went to mew and told: bleu wants to know if you like me.....i mean dafaq...can't you do it on you own w/o involving ppl?!]

    It starts at the bottom and now, I feel upset... :'(
    I can't!

    The PM was made by Apocalypse Lucario and Bleuumbreon.
    Apocalypse Lucario deleted the PM because he didn't even want see his name...
    He made me and Apocalypse Lucario so angry...

    I cannot give you anymore than what I have, which is that section of the conversation...
    Oh yeah, you can check their VM's. Apocalypse said something about him loving me... :/
    Can something be done about this... ;^;

    you see i get too pissed off at star.....and she says i'm mad.....
    but the point is she is a total b***h

    she called trioxide words without knowing her mental illness......
    she always fights with mew...
    just now i happened to stalk her convo with mindergion or someone......and she called thegiftedflareon a *****.....just because she ahd crush on three different ppl////at differemt time :0

    ... wow... just wow

    There is a reason she is on Mew's Bio....
    there is a reason, and thats that she was bing a ***** to Pinkie pie unreasonably, and she did know...
    i don't care, she TGF crushed on me, then went to Pokerock, THEN came BACK and pleaded to me that she loved me knowing i just got out of a break up!!!!1!11!!1! and now is crushing on Minedreigon

    Maybe learn her side of the story...
    well what is her side of the story>?
    and mew has a soft corner for her thast all!
    *sigh* fine... be that way... but don't think for a second i am ot going to let Mew and Star know what you think!
    they already know it.....they know it long back....

    i mean you could be right and i could be wrong......i'm not saying you are wrong.....
    but this is just a personal opinion thats all!
    Bleuumbreon is being very mean as you can see, will something be done, buddy?
    Thanks for being a friend of mine ;^;
    Hey, there's this issue in the Blacklist thread where one member johnjohn95 was reported by two different people (both reports are found on the last page) but johnjohn95 hasn't replied to the Blacklist thread on either ocassions, nor did the issue appear to be resolved. However, johnjohn95 was not added into the Blacklist...
    I graduated from high school last month, got my drivers license 2 weeks ago, and its my birthday is Friday
    Finally got WiFi at home as well
    Alright, another new small issue <.> I seem to run into stuff all the time lol
    When I tried to upload a picture for my shop (http://i725.photobucket.com/albums/ww258/mgrn1990/ShiniesBanner2_zps48965220.jpg) it got placed as an attachment, which I can't seem to be able to remove.
    I was unable to post the picture through the Insert Image button due to it being 'too large'. Eventually it worked by just typing the
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