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    Sorry for any inconvenience with this and sorry for any lost posts.
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  • so i get infractions for flaming a noob? it is not my fault they d/ced and think i cheated, hes the once who should get blame. Serebii is very weird
    It says in my location that im from Jewland but im just practicing cause I'm actually nominated to go on Oprah Winffery's talk show and talk about Jewish history and why anti semites shouldn't hate the jews for no good reason but I hardly doubt her people are gonna invite me since I'm a 14 hour flight to her studio but i hope you can cross fingers for me :). but I'm not saying that you don't like Jews or anything, I'm just telling to people I like and trust. By the way, I meant the last message to be a joke not an insult so im sorry if i hurt you in any kind of way :)
    @talface It would be kind of hard for me to be pregidous agansed you for being Jewish without me knowing you were untill now.:p
    Hey, Skitty, Since I'm Jewish i can make the same stupid question that Black people say: You giving me an infraction cause I'm Jewish? Jews have been slaved and hated for over 5,000 years and counting and were being bombed in Israel ever since the UN gave us this country, sad really, im just teling you this because i feel close to you and you should know this :)
    Hi SkittyOnWailord! I like the group =^_^= The furries =^_^=, but I'm not sure if I should join, because I don't exactly know if I'm a Furrie or anti...
    SkittyOnWailord will you please make Food For Thought {http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=341447} a Sticky. The unification of the Leagues will allow them to last longer, be more show accurate (if that helps), and allow for better Gym Leaders and Elite Four because their will not be cronyism like in other Leagues and make the leaders go through rigorous battles to even be considered a Gym Leader/ Elite Four.

    -Thank You for Your Time
    hey skitty, have you ever seen the clouds in the netherlands?

    take a look at this one here:

    what's the weather at your place at the moment skitty?
    sunny as allways?
    Hey, I found a korean with NoK rayquaza whos gonna trade it, but i dont have a korean game, and i know u do. can u do it for me? u can keep a copy of the rayquaza. PM me.
    Off topic posting is probably one of the most frequently used thingd here...

    well hope ur well and doing well (lots of wells xD) and hope ur having fun!

    @palamon Off topic posting is posting something that doesn't have anything to do with what the thread is about. An example would be if you posted in a thread that's about shiny Pokemon and you say something like "I just beat this game yesterday".
    How can you write in nihongo when I can't?! This is my trying to type in hiragana:


    Wow... it actually worked. Well, what do you know? Disregard my weirdness.
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