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  • hey SOW! Thanks for reminding just another time about double posting, we n00bs always forget it! lol :D... Anyways, did you see what happened to Mephisto?
    I was reading the staff noticeboard and read you haven't had any spam visitor messages ;(

    Hope this counts! :)
    Hello what are you talking about never mind not my business but i am severly bored and need someone to talk to so i just randomly chose someone and i was wondering what i should do with my day cause Emerald is getting boring and pointless cause i can't get anywhere oh wait i haven't tried okay but i found a really cool picture on the internet of a mix between an umbreon and absol and it was awsome cause that is mine and my brothers favorite pokmon in one so how about you what cool mixed up pokemon have you found
    Very strange indeed.>.> He could've just put it on his sig saying that he won't be active for a week. Guess the strangest of people deal things in the strangest of ways XD! Only joking, but jeez was that really necessary?? People are probably going to start offering Phantom their account before they even know what's going on.>.<
    That actualy has a strange answer SuperStarly. Phantom sent me a PM saying that he wanted to be banned for a short time because he was spending to much time here and couldn't do his homework. I told him that he only needed to do a quadruple post to have enough infraction points to get a one week ban. The next day (today) he sent me a PM with a link to him posting 4 times.
    Strange isn't it?
    Umm excuse me Skitty but would you mind telling me why Phantom is banned? To the best of my knowledge he is in the war against Pokebeach...
    Oh! You like cats, too? For some reason, neko isn't showing up when I type it in hiragana...
    Hi. I'm not sure how to answer the "Who are you question" without saying "I am me". And I have a plus sign next to my name because I'm a mod+. Which is higher than a regular mod.
    Hi.. Who are you & why is there a red plus sign by your name? This is probably a stupid question but hey i'm asking it.. i'd appreciate a non-smart*** answer.. thx


    NO WAY! I don't believe it!

    Geno: Fox, get this guy off me!

    Fox: Wait... YOU'RE NOT SLIPPY!

    Geno: I just want attention...
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