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  • okay i was not sure if it was or not do to the person stating that they have me close my shop but it is there opinion I just felt reading it was more of telling me what to do then disagreeing on my post but its cool just was curious thanks again for taking your time at looking at it. It really isn't that bad of a issue just curious if it was a abusive or not still new to this system.
    Its so odd hearing it now. Even the name is so odd.

    I have to in mine. It feels lonely.

    Omg. Once Upon a Time had that Wicked witch. Wynaut didn't put Indina as the green witch? Haha.
    hey ski im not sure if this is a wrong use of a rep neg comment could you check my last one for me from my art shop I know i have been a bit busy but I just feel someone commenting on that i should close the shop up since i can't get requests done which i can just I just been feeling like drifting from serebii but I was planing to get the requests done soon I have a upcoming anime convention and i need to get a few things done that is why I haven't done them yet and saw the rep comment and not sure if it was used correctly thanks for checking :)
    Uh... Hello, Skiyomi... I asked this question to Swert May, but s/he hasn't responded yet so I'm going to see if you can answer my question first. You see, I'm a little unsure of something... I wanna do another request at Dædric Design, but the last post is my post so... I've read the rules so am I supposed to just edit the last post for my request? Or wait until someone else posts?
    I love songs that secretly has meanings. As a kid I listened to songs coz how beaty they are then realizing now theyre dirty songs xD

    I thought guitarists were the one that has shaky hands. I used to have shaky hands.

    Awesome :) I'll add ye now.
    Theres a Smurf 1 and 2 in one DVd for $30. The solo are $10 and $25.

    I only like one song of them.

    Awh. Painting yer nails? I place mine on my knees to do them. I always apply light blue then glow in the dark afterwards to get the perfect blue-green colour I like :3
    well, I'm coming to you for help on something

    I want to start a Penguinshipping thread, but I need some guidelines as to what to include in the first post. You think you could help me? Thanks in advance.
    Soon, I will have finished with education (just got last year exams to finish my degree) then I have loads of time in-between job hunting - thought I'd look back into this place
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