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  • [ Was it hard to get with the Ultra Ball? And did you use an O-power to make it easier to catch?

    Okay then, thanks. I'll add a new discussion question to get things back on topic.

    Thanks! Melody isn't really active on here anymore, so maybe, you could send me the link when you finish it, so I can give it to her on DeviantArt, where she's a bit more active than on here (but still not that active). ]
    [ Yeah, our difference in preference for this is just because of our playing styles.

    What minor things? And did you use the Master Ball for Mewtwo?

    Yeah, of course not all will be pissed off, but some might.

    I see, sorry. Shall I delete the question? I don't think many people will answer it anymore now, but still.

    Okay, thanks. ]
    [ Well, I just thought using the Luck Egg might be useful for you for higher-leveled Pokemon, but I can see why your way works better for you. We just have different playing styles. You train many Pokemon and use pretty much everything, while I just use the ones I like and want them to level up quickly. For training multiple Pokemon at the same time, the Exp. Share is good, while for raising stronger Pokemon that need to level up quickly, the Lucky Egg works better.

    I see. Did you do anything new after the League, aside from evolving and PokeDex work?

    SycaBrock... Oh, that will piss the fangirls off... xD

    Makes sense. I'm indifferent so far, the anime might or might not change that opinion.

    Why is the question off-topic? After having a PokeShipping art contest, what's wrong with talking about it in the thread?

    Anyways, for the banner: do you still have the one you did for Ashist_Wilketch last year? If yes, you could use the text from that one and then change 2012 in 2013. ]
    I know. But I think my way works better for high-leveled Pokemon.

    Yeah... If I would've known you weren't there yet in the game, I would've never said that, I really expected you to be there already...

    Well, then it might be likely. But Sycamore might also just be a flirter who acts flirty to many girls/women.

    That sucks... What do you think of Clemont so far?

    Melody93 won the contest! But it was very close: when I had seven from the eight votes, Ashist_Wilketch was in the lead, but the last voter pushed Melody93 to the top.
    Spelling error. I meant door-less houses.

    I can do that in RErev aswell. Since I have t unlocked all outfits, all I have was this winter suit for my character. Weird how she wears that outfit and goes swimming xD i unlock her wetsuit, I'll make her wear that when she's in snow xD

    Ooh. Yay shippy secret santa is here :3
    Ah, I take you really don't like math? It's alright, not my favorite subject in the world but not my least.
    Also me with Amie. I always wanted something nintendogs based.

    Remember when those doress were knocked down because of it?

    Awh poor thing :p

    Ooh. That's a cool idea.
    I just use the Lucky Egg for training, turning the Exp. Share on when the Pokemon is at a low level and turning it off when it can hold its own in battle shouldn't be too hard.

    I see, sorry for spoiling... Is it a big problem for you?

    Yeah. I personally don't really dislike her, it's more indifference for me.

    I think so, even though I'm not sure. Anyways, it might just be one-sided. Do you support Sycamore x Diantha? It might be interesting.

    I didn't know people dislike him for his looks... To me, he seems fine.

    The voting time is almost over. Because of time zone differences, I'll leave voting open for some hours. It's 7:23 PM for me now, I think I'll end it when it's tomorrow about 4:00 PM for me, so Sunday 10 November has passed in all countries, this is more fair because of time zone differences.
    [ Well, I think it works. The Lucky Egg is always the fastest way to go if a Pokemon can hold its own in harder battles, Exp. Share works nicely for weaker Pokemon, so why not combine them?

    Then sorry for spoiling... Are you already doing the Looker stuff after the League?

    Well, it's also a matter of opinion. I personally don't care about her being an actress, for example, while the examples I listed felt like more interesting backstories to me. But Diantha isn't the only Champion whose backstory doesn't interest me, Steven also feels kind of bland when it comes to that. But I did like Diantha's conversation in that cafe early in the game.

    If Diantha is in a relationship with Sycamore, the Sycamore fangirls will murder her. xD

    Well, among girls, I often see Morty, Falkner and Volkner being liked. What male characters do you see being disliked for their looks? ]
    Same actually, I don't really like physics and chemistry is meh. I really only like biology.
    [ Well, it sounds like I could try combining our ways. When it's weak, Exp. Share to prevent constant switching, and Lucky Egg when the Pokemon is strong enough to hold its own.

    Oops, I didn't count on you not knowing that yet... Post-game, if I recall it right.

    I just think she's bland, there's nothing that sets her apart from the other Champions, in my opinion. Lance has his role in the anime's Red Gyarados arc (G-Men), Wallace is the graceful Coordinator who worked himself up from Gym Leader to Champion, Cynthia (not my favourite, because I think she's a total Mary Sue in the anime, but still worth mentioning) has her interest in legendaries... There's not really anything that makes Diantha's personality or role in the game interesting, in my opinion. She just seems bland to me.

    Well, this shallowness is why Cynthia, Skyla and Elesa are probably the three most popular PokeWomen among many guys...

    From those three, I'd say Cynthia is slightly interesting in the games, but too overpowered and perfect in the anime. I think Skyla is cute (also behaviour-wise) in the games, but arrogant in the anime. And I don't like anything about Elesa.

    Do you also see this shallowness for female fans and male characters often, or just guys and female characters? ]
    [ Yeah, that O-power works nicely, but works nicely too when the Pokemon is already strong, can fight on its own, and then has the Lucky Egg. That goes really, really fast. Especially with Amie boosting the experience growth.

    Makes sense. Do you like Malva being a former Team Flare member?

    Well, yeah... I personally don't like Diantha's looks, but my opinion on her (indifference) is based on her personality, which I'm indifferent to.

    I don't think this is just a looks thing. I think some people also just don't really feel interested in her personality.

    And I agree about the eye candy thing: some people prefer a hot girl with no personality over a less good-looking character with personality. ]
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