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  • [ I know. But doesn't it take long until you got a Pokemon from a low to a decent level?

    Well, yeah, she did give me such an impression. Then what impression did the other three gave you?

    Well, many people don't like her looks, as far as I notice, and see her personality as bland. They're indifferent to her personality while having a negative opinion on her looks. I can see why, she does seem bland to me, she doesn't really stand out to me, and doesn't have a coolness factor most other Champions had, in my opinion. ]
    [ Well, then the Pokemon just don't get enough experience. Or at least not soon enough for me.


    Makes sense, is it because of her type?

    What do you think of Diantha? So far, most people I talked to don't like her. ]
    They should have more hairdos like in Miiverse.

    XD I don't think there's ever a Pokemon city that's shaped like a star.

    Oho. Claiming Pokemon has restarted.

    Oooh. I had 780 000+ PokeDollars so I decided to get me the trench coat. Looks great on Rachel!
    [ Well, maybe the Exp. Share would be an option if I'd have less Pokemon in my party, so the experience doesn't have to be divided by six.

    Do you think they might be a cool couple?

    Good. And what ones stood out most to you? Not just Gym Leaders, but also Elite Four, or any other character. ]
    I unlocked two more styles but the other two are just pigtails and ponytails. Crazy of long hair I say xD
    My OT is Rachel for a reason too but i made a blonde Lyra instead xD

    Ooh. Beter checkie out.

    All it needs is a huge star in the middle like Amelia's bracelets :3
    Well, yes, but with my way, the Pokemon gains 50% of the experience, while with the new Exp. Share, it gains only 1/6th.

    I see. I don't think I seriously support Siebold with Malva, but it might be an interesting idea to think about.

    Are there Gym Leaders or other characters in XY you really didn't like?
    I have a choice of pigtails for my chaacter but hate the fact the pigtails are longgggg as Shauna and Mei's hair xD Eh. No.

    I haven't decided what setting after the prolouge. So the prolougue is like a preview?
    Well, I want a Pokemon to get strong as soon as possible, so it can hold its own against stronger opponents. After all, then, it can battle strong opponents without having to be switched out all the time, which makes things take less time. Oh well, at least I still have Lucky Egg, and Amie and O-Power more than compensate that what I lost with the Exp. Share change.

    Do you ship any? I saw someone shipping Siebold with Malva on DA, which seemed interesting to me.

    Lookie :D Second round against Diantha: http://i42.*******.com/331ejnr.gif

    I have notes of the fic in either side of the girl's POV xD
    Yeah, your playing style fits the new Exp. Share more than mine. At least, in-game, I try to make my Pokemon be about an equal level, but post-game, I want to be able to raise one Pokemon in a short amount of time, instead of training six ones slowly. And what do you mean with OP?

    Great! Anyways, do you like the Elite Four members and the Champion?

    Yes, I thought I could get another one, and felt like it was at least worth a try. It wasn't easy: at first, I asked someone who was too busy, then I asked someone who gave it a try but gave up after five minutes, and then, I didn't know, but thought of Bayleef10, someone very active on DA, she once made a Serebii account but never used it after that, she draws really quickly, and has some cute, funny and cool drawings, she likes PokeShipping, so she seemed like the perfect candidate. And fortunately, she was willing to work on it, and also didn't take very long, she immediately started drawing when I asked her, I went to sleep, and the next morning, I saw the drawing. And it's also nice for her to participate in a contest, she thought it would be cool to try.
    Ooh. I'll try when I login my computer....whenever that is xD

    All easy? Guess ye have something to hit the steel. I find it hard so i just Surfed most his mons xD The water effects in the Flood one made me think "OMIGD RACHEL IS GOING TO DROWN. USE SURF NOW!" As the water was going down xD

    Ah okay. Its coz I can't make up my mind ._.
    I wish I can be done with it, but with college in a few years that doesn't look plausible.

    Well, that's true XD.
    [ Well, I have a Lucky Egg. Giving a Pokemon I want to train a Lucky Egg, sending it out and then switching means it gets much more experience, which is probably faster than the Exp. Share. It does mean I have to heal often, so in some locations (7th Gym), that's annoying.

    Nice! About what levels are the Pokemon you want to use?

    Do you think it made sense that I refused to start with just three contestants after waiting for so long? After all, again, I didn't want all the waiting to be a total waste.

    Thanks. ]
    Awh that sucks x(

    I finally fought Elite Four. They were easy xD Well the armour took me a while but overall the ending was sad ;^;

    Oh. Btw for the fic i'm writing atm, will it work if the prologue if first person then the rest is third person?
    Well, it's useful if you want to raise multiple Pokemon at the same time. But if your Pokemon are strong aside from one, it's hard to level up that one quickly.

    Did you finish the League yet? If yes, do you also think there's lackluster post-game content?

    Yeah... I kept adding extra weeks of extensions for this person, who just kept ignoring me. So about a week ago, I told her I gave up and tried looking for other contestants. After waiting so long, I refused to start with three instead of four contestants. After all, then all the time I waited would be a waste. Now, I can say the waiting was worth it now Bayleef10 participated.

    Do you think the post with voting rules is fine?
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