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  • It does, and no problem ^_^

    Exactly. It's more of a "you can do this once we get to this point in time but until then you have to do this". I mean, I just wished public education was better than that but it isn't :/.

    I yelled at kids my age to get off my lawn and raided the candy bowl .-.
    Why does it always seem like I end up forgetting to reply >_<. Anyways, nice Rozalin avi. I want to play Dark Hero Days again .-.

    Same here. Sure, I learn some things from school, but I could probably learn more about a subject reading on it by myself or researching it by myself.

    So besides that, how was your Hallow's Eve?
    I've finally been able to start the voting in the contest! I was delayed, because I gave an user extra time, but she kept ignoring me after saying she finished the drawing but didn't scan it yet. I tried asking her how things were a few times, but I kept getting ignored, so eventually, I gave up. However, I didn't want my waiting to serve no purpose, and I thought having four contestants would be more fun than three, so I decided to try to look for a new fourth entry. One guy promised me, tried and gave up quickly, someone else was busy, but one or two days ago, I found someone on DeviantArt who really liked the idea of my contest and who wanted to participate. She already had a Serebii account (despite never using it), so that was good.

    I started the voting now. I decided to just not allow participants to vote, because of people having to make a top 4 instead of voting for one person this time (I did that to somewhat fight friend-voting, so people who give their friends the first place at least also reward art when liking it by giving it a second or third place).

    I won't directly ask anyone to vote, but I will tell people the voting finally started. Pretty much like we agreed two months ago.
    Yes, but it means all your Pokemon get exp., which means it's hard to level up one weak Pokemon really fast... I want the old exp. share back...

    Then it might be cool to see those, and see your player character there. I have one video of my Absol, I might make more later.

    Are there things about XY you didn't like at first, but started liking later?
    No. I hate the new Exp. Share, it means all Pokemon get exp., it's impossible to just train one Pokemon really quickly...

    With your Pokemon, or your player character?

    Indeed. I thought it was a form change for Mewtwo (like Giratina and Shaymin got in Platinum), which I didn't want. But I don't see any problem with a mega evolution. And the Y mega form does look nice, in my opinion.
    [ Yeah, then it's easier. I was trying to train a Pokemon who was underleveled at that point, so had to switch it in and out all the time, causing my Pokemon to receive damage all the time, so I had to heal often and walk back.

    It indeed matches her well. I'd like to see how your player character fully looks and then compare that to a Filia screenshot, but for that, we'd either have to battle, or I'd have to see your PR video if you have one.

    Nice! Also, by the way, I didn't care about either version mascot at first, but after seeing its animation in the game, I took a huge liking towards Yveltal. And I like the Fairy type much more than in the beginning, thanks to Sylveon, Azumarill and Gardevoir, and I'm much more positive about Mewtwo's mega form now. When I saw it at first, I didn't like the idea of a new Mewtwo form (you got mad back then because of older fans complaining to see old things back and then not being happy with this form thing), but now I know it's a mega evolution, I'm fine with it, and it looks cool for a mega evolution. At least, I like the Y one, not the X one for Mewtwo. I'm glad I'm enjoying some things in Y I never expected to enjoy before. ]
    [ And did you do the 7th and/or 8th Gym yet? If yes, did the 7th Gym also annoy you? It took long to walk to the Pokemon Center and then go back to the place you were in the Gym...

    I saw your status thingy in XY about the tea, it seems fitting! And I like how you indeed made your trainer look like Filia like we talked about. I just saw it.

    Did you catch your version mascot yet? ]
    [ Makes sense. I just carry my Lapras like a HM slave when not using it in battle, but I can see why it's not worth it for you. After all, you don't use HM slaves.

    Me too, it's really original! Is there a Gym that annoyed you? For me, the Grass Gym, in Coumarine City.

    Me neither when it comes to Gym Leaders, I'll tell you about that Elite Four one once you finished the League. ]
    I understand. I always have my Lapras with me now, which I'm raising to lv.100 anyways now. If I don't use it in battle, it can still be useful for using Surf, while giving me a cool animation as a nice bonus.

    I see. I think Valerie is pretty cool, she looks mysterious and has a cool Sylveon.

    Do you already have any Gym Leader shippings in XY? I read today that someone ships two XY Elite Four members that might match nicely, so I might support that.
    [ Me too, probably because I think Lapras is awesome. Now, will you prefer surfing on Lapras over surfing on other Pokemon? I do.

    Nice! What Gym Leader did you like most so far? ]
    Lol xD I'm just like hunting shinies atm.

    Ever used yer 3DS as an MP3 player? I am now. Fun how ye can change its pitches and tempos, karaoke, echos and also Ab repeats.
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