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  • [ Nice! But do you like the Surf animation with Lapras?

    I see. Then it makes sense.

    How many Badges do you have by now? ]
    Ooh so ye fall in the middle category of shinies? Yer not someone who hates them or hunts them like crazy xD So yer in the middle. Ye don't hate them, but yer lucky for catching some.

    *shrugs* I can't think one atm coz I'm listening to my new Katy CD ^_^

    Edit: i randomly caught Xerneas for fun. I was like, "What the hey..."*throws Pokeball in the beginning of the battle*
    atm my OT Rachel is wearing a pink and white dress matches her pink and white stockings, pink hat, pink bag and pink shoes xP

    Or else Filia will laser meee xP

    There's chaining.

    Imagine putting one with a line something very dude-ish.
    plus exp :3 Haha i think 100000 or 300000 PokeDollars.

    Probably not ever xD

    Me too with my Chingling xP Lets have a race which gets their second!.... Jk haha.

    OHNOES. *gets ready for everyone getting confused of Xell's gender coz of your avatar* xD
    Haha! there's the hotel in Lumi. I want that trench coat in that shop xD

    Yup. DVD set.

    From the berries? Ohoho. Awesome! EternalSword has caught 4 shinies since after the league ye can get a radar for chain. I want!
    I might visit it sometime :D

    Ah. Ye can get Ditto after the league. I have one already from a trade xP

    I tried to look for Slayers Try yesterday, Still nothin'. DX
    Ye earn Experience?

    Ye can breed for Ghastly.

    LOL xD Poor Zel.
    [ Did you like it, did you like seeing Lapras instead of a normal sprite/animation? It's an insignificant detail in the game, but I still like it.

    Yes. With "NegaiShipping was pretty much nothing", I meant that there were no "more-than-friendship hints" and that there wasn't really a big hype when BW started. By the way, do you know why it's called NegaiShipping, do you know what Negai means? I never really thought about that until now. After all, now, we're talking about shipping names. ]
    [ Did you Surf on it yet?

    Odd... NegaiShipping was pretty much nothing and there was barely any hype, while 99% from the shipping fandom on Serebii goes crazy over Ash x Serena, and then people being impatient with Negai but being patient with Ash x Serena is odd. But oh well, they probably learned from the dissatisfaction about the NegaiShipping name. ]
    [ And do you have a Lapras yet?

    Then why did they decide Negai's name before the saga started, but isn't there a name for Ash x Serena yet, despite the season already being started? ]
    [ You said you had three badges last time I asked, so now, I hope you got the Surf HM. Do you have it now?

    I see. How long after the start of the season did it take before other Ash x main girl shippings got named? I'm not surewhether you know or not, but I'll ask in case you do know. ]
    If you surf on Lapras, you'll see Lapras. If you surf on another Pokemon, you get a simple default sprite/animation like in other games.

    Sorry, I didn't think you'd have a problem with it. Oh well, I'll just call it Ash x Serena instead of "(insert word here)Shipping" when talking about my fears to others. Anyways, do you know when it gets an official name?
    Alright then, I understand you probably don't want spoilers. Anyways, did you already get a Lapras? I'm raising one now, surfing on Lapras looks cool!

    Understandable. But I can see why the expectations for KillerShipping (that's what I'll call it until it has an official name, because it's going to kill PokeShipping) are raised so high: unfortunately, the season barely started and there's already a bunch of shippy screenshots...
    I never beenthere :eek: my team is always 10 levels higher xD

    Yup Haunter. I woulda said Ghastly xD

    Btw Imagine Dragonite having a mega evolution... DRAGONITENITE
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