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  • Ah. He was easy.

    My Amie is Gothorita ^^ btw if ye want a Haunter in yer team, its inside this snowy cave. I only encountered it once tho.
    [ Nice. I like some and am indifferent to some, I don't think I dislike any. So far, I think Valerie, the 6th Gym Leader you haven't reached yet, is the coolest. I also think the Water Elite Four member is cool. Have you already seen screenshots of those two or not?

    Yeah. After all, tons of people expect it to be canon. If it will, they'll get what they expect and nothing more. If it gets major mutual hints but won't be canon, those people will be disappointed about it not being fully canon. The expectations supporters have are just so high, because of the blush, childhood friendship and the shippy screenshots people saw. ]
    [ I'm glad things improved for both of us.

    Okay then.

    I see. Do you like the Gym Leaders so far?

    Yeah, the South Park character with your name is pretty damn awesome.

    Well, almost the entire forum supports it, without knowing her personality. I'm fine with it that they do, but I don't really understand why some people go overboard and love it without even knowing about Serena's personality and her interactions with Ash. ]
    - Alright then.
    - For me, the only problem left now is the damn cough.

    And now? :p

    How many badges do you have now?

    I have an Altaria now on Y, it's called Wendy. But it's not named after you, it's named after the South Park character. :p

    Do you like Ash x Serena?
    Hi, Skiyomi :) I just came back recently and I wanted to thank you again for making me my awesome sigs and av. Also, thank you for showing me how to use Photoshop, it really helped, even in school!

    - Yeah. Are you feeling better again now, better than when you wrote your last VM?
    - Yeah. At this moment, the cough is the worst, the sore throat is slight, I'm still a little tired, but there's clear improvement, it's almost over, aside from the cough that will probably last a while.

    Did you find it?
    It doesnt contain any game xD Its just for display ^^

    I thought my game froze ._. i was at Luminose city. Coz when ye enter, its freezes with the lights dim. Then POOF fireworks and confetti came out xD I have a video of it with commantary.
    Thanks ^^
    Dat Pokeball: http://i44.*******.com/2143yjb.jpg

    Having yer birthday in XY is awesome. Fireworks appear in pokemon centre and the music is tingkly.
    [ - That's awesome!
    - Last Monday, exactly one week ago. Now, I feel a bit better than yesterday again, the throat ache isn't that bad anymore, but it's still there, and I also still have the coughing.

    Well, if you go to your 3DS main menu, you'll see a right blue thing at the right top corner of the screen. That's the thing you can use to use internet on your 3DS. Left from that is a green icon, and there's an orange one next to that one. Tap the orange one and you can see your friend code and add other people's codes. ]
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