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  • Okay actually I've joined in!!! The name of my Mii is Tricia, just to let you know and if you see me in the races, I'm using Rosalina with the Shooting Star bike ^^
    I guess since you're ready I'll might as well get myself ready too. I'll tell you when I see you online on wi-fi :]
    Okay when I get on, I'll add ya...and how about you join the Regional/Worldwide VS races first? I can join in right after you so that we can race together...and also look at each other's versus rating xD
    In response to your PM, when it's MKWii time...it's totally on!!! In less than an hour from now, we shall meet up on wi-fi (and you need to give me your friend code) and race in the Regional/Worldwide VS races :]
    That explains it...it was too bad we couldn't have some one-on-ones but yeah I kinda saw your little technique with those two characters during the multi-man brawls. Not bad! If we had some one-on-ones, you could've seen my actual skills ;]

    Oh yeah...most of the time whenever I say "brb", I'm literally away from the game but when I get back, I forget to change it :/ I can sometimes be forgetful xD

    Anyway yeah...MKWii sounds fun ^^ I'm positive I can race tomorrow...would the same times be good? And btw, when we race, I'd like the both of us to race with other random people in Regional/Worldwide VS...I'm kinda curious about your versus rating ^^;;
    Well for today and tomorrow, my only times I'll be brawling would be in the evening sometime around 5-6pm...that's just going to be my rough estimation because I'll be out for the whole 2 days.
    My dad's taken over the TV my Wii's conencted to...so I have to wait a couple of hours :/ I have a possibility of brawling tomorrow night though.
    I'm sorry for not responding...I usually don't talk while brawling at time same time ^^;; I apologize. It was a great match though...even though we got disconnected in the middle :/
    Actually I wanna have a few matches with Dimentio...probably after like 3-5 matches, I'll brawl you. Is thatokay?
    Brawl first, then MKWii...but first I need to clear out a few spaces in my friend roster to squeeze you in.
    I'm up for both brawls and races, no doubt! Although first I need to settle with my 2 cousins that slept over with me last night...that means I need to wait until they leave at around noontime in my timezone :/ But really, I'm definitely open for any challenge ;]
    By the way, starfire_jirachi, I wonder if you're aware of this.

    Nintendo Discussion Rules - READ THIS FIRST! (Updated November 18, 2008)

    I believe that the thread stated, and I quote, "NO SMASH BROS. THREADS. Otherwise, you'll get infracted or banned. Whichever is more preferable."

    I hope that it doesn't bother you that I'm being cautious. I also hope that you don't get in trouble for this.

    P.S. I still love that Cynthia avatar.
    Starfire's Brawl thread was mod approved because the old Brawl friend code thread died. Just so you know. Any other Brawl threads, however, are not allowed. Unless approved by a mod.
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