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  • just want to make sure you knew that your totem could be an uber pokemon? The one you picked is fine of course but I'm making doubly sure.
    hey skull you still intreasted in rejoining the league section because there may be a opening back up soon for e6 member it will be ghost and fairy which there may be a gym opening up as well but its not water.
    Gg what was up with the five pokemon also I didn't want Wishes but you made me bring
    Hey Bash, I'm doing some cleanup of the Florem region post. Let me know by October 1st if you want me to keep you on the list. If not, you'll need to reapply.
    As mentioned, for my Daily league, all leaders are required to do Funday Monday every week. Once the topic is given on Monday, all leaders have until the next Monday to get that battle done and send me the replay. For this week's Funday Monday (Mass Mega), you have just under 54 hours to have that battle and then send me the replay.
    yeah its up to you skull you don't have to be the ice leader just a option on what I have left ;) not forcing you but it is a intreasting change though because I am trying to become a grass leader in pokegyms lol I use to run grass ages ago but its been awhile so trying to get back in the groove which is my second favorite type.
    you welcome skull which you messaged on your profile didn't see it till now XD but hey skullbash sorry but we have a problem now one of the leaders in my league wants to move up now so techically I normally give my gym leaders first dibs on the e6 but that will make a opening for ghost gym now. I do have a few other spots though for the league which I know you love water but I do have ice and psychic if you are interested. I am sorry :c
    soooo skullbash seemed like I forgot that if a pokemon breeds with ditto when having a female with the wrong ability will be like 100% the same ._. soooooo I had to go catch another chinchou which its in a quick ball now(much better choice imo for this pokemon) and volt absorb. I have one question though...I already breed two males in quick ball 31/x/31/31/31/31 modest nature. Do you care about gender? if not I have one ready for you to ev train and level up unless you need the female.
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