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  • yeah OU that is fine unless you guys agree on another teir or something ;) I normally have a plan out anyway :p
    no problem also I have someone intreasted in the spot that just messaged me about the e6 position so if they are still intreasted like you then we shall have you both fight for the position.
    I was too but at the same time I kinda figured you had some bulk investment or something. btw the leech seed from heatran seemed like it healed way more than i thought it would. You run any hp on whims?
    Looks like I'm having internet issues at the moment. I'll keep trying for a bit but would you be able to reschedule? same teams/moves if we can remember em.
    hey skullbash not sure which set your going for lanturn but I will make a modest one with at least 4 iv with volt absorb in dive ball ;) I was going for quick ball but ran out of balls because the other one I had was in ultra ball >.< drived me nuts that didn't fit lanturn so I caught a new one myself with dive ball at least that better then ultra :p
    just letting you know Rotom is ready but I won't be readily available until Sunday, so if possible I will trade it to you then.
    Sure, I can take in a challenge right about now. Just a heads up, I've been on a losing streak lately, so I'll try to hopefully provide a good challenge.
    okay sure thing I can do that for you Ill get one set up soon for you probably I hope by the end of this week after hatching a crazy batch of swablu eggs XD
    okay so still hatching eggs skull but is it possible though if you do still want the chinchou I could at least get you like 3 or 4 ivs on it and then you can breed it for the near flawless? unless you normally don't breed then never mind just saying it may be awhile before I breed it.
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