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  • What a match!! I played that so wrong with your lead. I really thought you had me when the first 2 of my pokes went down. GG! I look forward to may more matches.
    Yeah sure thing. I should be available for a few hours if you can battle tonight. If not then we can set up a time.
    no problem, same to you, gl conquering the league! you might face me again in the tef one tho(im an e6)
    yup. shame i cant really use it due to opportunity cost, but it used to be a favorite of mine back in gen 5, well, enjoy the badge!
    well, dat ancientpower +1 made it so. looks like the mistress of water's still got it!
    welp, hax loves ladies. thats all i got to say bout that xD im sorry for the bad match, but hax is the #1 weakness of this team. also, your pms are full.
    sorry for the late reply, i should open up later today, feel free to challenge then, or reserve a challenge with me.
    hmmm okay well I don't have that just yet but if I can get around to it I will let you know. I do have a chinchou laying around in my boxes I haven't breed yet so I can see what I can do no promises though since I slightly being busy since I got a new pup and all ;)
    I acutally don't have that shop anymore I changed that for my art shop but what do you need I may have it or I could try to get it for you after I fill my boxes up with swablu eggs since I am trying to mm for a shiny one.
    hey skullbash I see I understand but anyway if you like to apply for the e6 that is fine but remember to try to stay active as much as you can ^_^ I know how college can go and all ;)
    Hey, just letting you know that because you haven't been around in quite some time, we are going to be accepting applications for the Water gym. Should you return and no one has shown interest in it, then you may keep your spot, but otherwise we will test anyone who is interested. I know you gave me your reasons for being away but we really need to get active leaders.
    Hey Skullbash,

    We've decided to hand the position of Water Gym leader over to another person that's been waiting for the position. I understand how busy things can be.
    You're always welcome to still participate in the league. We have a bunch of Frontier Positions open as well if you might be interested in that
    when you have more time for the league o/

    Thanks for being a great Water Leader for our league!
    Hey Skullbash,

    We haven't heard anything from you in a while o/
    Someone else has shown interest in being the water gym leader, so if you wanna stay leader lemme know by tomorrow.
    Hey Skullbash, when you get a chance, I'll need this information for challengers in our league o/

    Days Gym is Open:
    Hours Open:
    hey skullbash not sure whats going on but its been awhile since you have been active in the tef league which I did make a few posts about contacting me keeping positions, so making sure you are still able to be a leader as well as active for the league I need a response by tomorrow.
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