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  • all gen 2 ha starters are hacks and unrelesed and cannot be traded online even if they got through bank
    It's sure is! XD On another note, my net crashed last night and wasn't even back up when I woke up today. I was a bit concerned. I don't like my net dropping during battles. :(
    Thanks.. nice game too.. did'nt knew you guys were up for trick room too!.. lolz.. what is Liquidus's serebii account btw..?.. My net connection sometimes suck and gets me DC.. sorry bout that..
    Whoops, sorry bout that. I had multiple games set up at the same time and they were waiting on me :(. I'll avoid that in the future
    Hey Justin why you quit? Please don't do that cause it ruins the game and as a result, there will be no repay!.. Don't rage quit especially during multis cause everyone gets DC.. Play decent please, c'mon
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