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    Those two megahorn misses really cost you the game.
    You're a really good battler, you should join Team Apollo Creed, we'd love to have you.
    yeah sure. Ok the standard rules are one the help thread on the battle forum page. Anyways, the common rules are:
    1-Only use one kind of pokemon i.e. you cant use to pikachu in the same match
    2-You cant have more than one of opponents pokemon in a match but if they use rest then you can make another pokemon go to sleep
    3-No UBERS: i.e. legendaries such as Dialga and Palkia, and no Garchomps or Wobboffets but you can use the birds of Kanto and the dogs of Johto and Uxie, Mesprit or Azelf.
    4-You cant use attacks that increase your evasion or lowers your opponents accuracy i.e. double team and sand attack
    5-You cant use attacks like destiny bond or explosion if your opponent has one pokemon left.
    6-You cant use items that make the game unfair like Quick Claw.
    These are just the rules from the top of my head, you have to check the full rules out. The teirs are found on this site somewhere (I think) and on Smogon.
    NU=Never Used OU= Over Used UU=Under Used...
    Hope that helped
    hey can you help me with something? can you explain to me what standard rules are? and also what are NU OU and UU? I'm a newbie at battling. xD
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