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    Luckily no personal data could be accessed by this moderator, and we've altered the permissions so hard deleting isn't possible in the future
    Sorry for any inconvenience with this and sorry for any lost posts.
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  • SkyBlue
    I joined the discord, I'm Sirius on there! and omfg I am the worst. I went on a job hunt/application binge (40applications sent out over like 2 days) and again forgot to check serebii. Please forgive me I'm way too sidetracked, but now that I have a job I can focus on other things again.
    Do you have a Discord Account, because if you do I can invite you to a couple Servers. Just send me your full username including the numbers behind the hashtag and I can send you invites.
    Hey Sky, it has been a very long time, I'm usually not on Serebii anymore. I usually only come online when I need to post a battle for the PDL (Pixel Dreams League), which is a Draft League in the League Sections. The only ones that stayed are mostly in the Draft League now days, and we have a chat on Messenger as well as Discord that we use for chatting.
    ah well I'd love to join either if I could. I definitely already failed to check serebii as often as I had planned to xD
    you know what its not showing that I am online on my ds so that might be it it did that once before and its acting up again wtf -_- need to unplug the router and then plug it in again thats what made it work last time so that might work this time...
    yeah discord is wigging out again and i try again I get stuck on the connection screen and then later it errors -_- not sure why its not connecting...
    hey sky are you having trouble with connecting to the internet on your ds? i can't get online at all it keeps erroring >.>
    hey summoning you in discord on the tef chat were trying to figure out your team :p see if defog is necessary on mantine or not and defog on skarm I could rng breed on my ss version but been a long time since I rng on that game >.> so not sure if I remember how to do it lol
    i am on the discord chat too you could of message me there too silly :p but yes I do have diamond platinum and pearl versions ^_^ what mon do you need with defog?
    alrighty I will go get my 3ds plug now and then once I plug it in I will power it on to trade ^_^ was playing fire emblem heroes mostly XD
    I have to get my 3ds plug but yeah i can trade ^_^ also need ot switch out my oras game to sun and moon was about to transfer my immunity impish gliscor...
    lol its fine we can trade whenever no rush ;) I be on most of the day and later tonight for a short time though so if we don't catch each other its no biggy ;)
    thanks ^_^ I will be going to bed soon since its late but if you be able to trade tommorow I still do want a breedject of comfey :p
    lol thanks sky but I don't need it though I already have a adamant nature one which I will be breeding a brave one soon which I have a parent for that one as well ^_^ I was trying to do it with careful nature for smearglerocks but going through the boxes missed I had a litwick XD so were all good thanks ^_^ I already have pursuit now on the grimer as well as shadow sneak. Thank you though for the offer ^_^
    no biggy just was curious which I can take one off your hands :3 I can always breed it to the ball choice I want before shiny hunting it ^_^
    well crap not sure how I missed it but sure I can take a spare off your hands ^_^ I am not sure what ball choice I want to breed shiny though since its colors are multi XD
    yeah cosmog and cosmoem is one page which solgaleo and lunala is separate pages...also if you have moon version cosmog evolves into cosmoem and to get solgaleo you need help from pokemon sun game which rip yours crashed >.>
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