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  • Wow, this is the most unlikely of unlikely cases since you actually hadn't battled Dew and Dragontamer and tied. Indeed, you would have to battle them.. xD So only your teams will have a 5th round.
    Let me see, but we have to see about the last team's result (unless they didn't participate?). Because if Jhzaeth and SmeargleRock won, that's 3 wins for them too.
    I know Colton.. :/ Can't be helped unfortunately. I'm back now.. xD But only to filter through the last results and announce the winner.
    I did because the only sensible person to pair you with is LF and me, and I have to go.. :/
    I'll determine the winner if it's not clear cut by the score after Round 4. Basically, it will be the team with the most wins, and if there's a tie in a team with wins, it's the team that has the most total Pokemon left over whereby free wins only count as 1 Pokemon.
    Just letting you know, my partner may not show up since he hasn't signed in. Deadline is 10 minutes. Gonna let Shoveler know
    But I only tried once to ask you open with please. I wasnt being persisting at all...
    Its not my fault if some ppl get annoyed easily even if its not my intention.
    Well, I'll try to arrange time w/ you again nxt time then. Cheers. No hard feelings~ xD

    You kinda remind me of Dew.
    LF kinda understand my jokes/sarcastism.
    Thats After your first reply to my first question Colton. You didnt tell me directly the reason.
    Only I'll be opening later on after the tourney. Read our convo again :p
    And why would I annoy/bully you.
    You didnt tell me your reason not opening directly like him Colton.
    Your just sensitive -_-
    Oh well then. Basically the only active challenger is me. You wont get any if you open later.
    So no need to open. Good luck on the tourney Colton.
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