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  • those three entries were helped by leaf >.> so can't do any of those but what do you mean pokeballs/slots?
    your pups got to be at level 50 before picking one up and it takes time but if you can't get them I can spend some bp for you :3
    you need a destiny knot? I can get you one unless you have enough bp to blow to get in battle royal dome area or you can use the pick up method and get it that way which you don't have to spend bp to get it XD
    okie dokie sounds good :3 just need to add this one order for my shop to the wait list and going to bed nighty night sky :3
    oh well that makes sense lol but anyway sure if you need anything don't hesitate about to upload my new charts for sinnoh region and then going to bed XD
    sky your bit to late lol its old news :p I got mine downloaded hours ago XD anyway trying to get ready for my trade shop to start breeding bank stuff :p problem though no megastones yet >.>
    Its still just January in general. I feel like they'll wait until January to announce it's coming late January.
    Good, getting things set up for Gen 7 of Trinity, such as rules, and changes altogether. Plus we'll have new Userbars coming, and of course Triad Banners that I'll allow Leaders to use if they want to support their Triad.
    yeah that is very strange though it may be just the 3ds in genaral then but who knows its low report though compared to the lumiose city freeze data glitch in x and y >.> anyway good luck on playing moon version I loved every minute of it ^_^ also I saved in certian pokemon centers it normally loads fine which is panolia ranch is fine,seafolk village on poni island is fine and route 10 was just fine as well were ditto is located :3 I save there all the time and had no problems ^_^ I am sure they may come out with a patch just in case soon if the numbers bump up about the data glitches...
    sorry for the late reply colton, I was looking around that I never had any problems of game freezing but it seems I found a article that people are reporting the game freezes when saving at certain places so be careful when playing moon I guess. I normally always save in poke centers so I never came across but some people report it corrupts the save file to load if you save at the battle tree,some poke centers close to the pc box and some routes. I never had any of the issues through the game though saving so I have no clue what happen there but if we figure out cloning another way since the gts is being a butt about cloning stuff, I can gladly give you a copy of my ash greninja :3 when possible of course ;)
    alrighty and cool I am about to try to do this for ditto and see if i get lucky for 6iv. I here its possible but very slim the highest someone got was about 5 iv on gamefaqs...
    Yeah, although I been out the house most of Saturday & Sunday so I didn't really stop to play it much.
    Yh hail looks like it might just be viable on an ice team now. I'm loving Beartics new ability. I have a draft team but i havent got the game yet so who knows.
    I know, got 5 days of work left before the game, and work makes time go by fast so that's also good, and if work wants to make time slow down, that's also good, because then I have extra time to complete my tasks.

    As for the Completing the Alola Dex, I probably won't do that until January when Bank is released to fill in the Non-Alola Pokemon, but I'll make sure to be catching all the New Pokemon, including Formes. Then working on breeding the new Shiny Ground-types Competitively. That'll only be Alolan Dugtrio, Mudsdale, and Palossand. I'll want a Shiny Silvally as well since it can also be Ground-type when holding the Ground Memory, as well as waiting for a Shiny Zygarde Event to be released. At the moment, Zygarde is my only Non-Shiny Ground-type. Even have a Shiny Arceus from the Japanese Event.

    Also, of course not as the only way to receive a National Pokedex is through Pokemon Bank it seems. I hope it's not forcing people to buy it to receive one, maybe just have them download it in the least.
    I just figured they'd banned Greninja as a whole, just like they did with Blaziken, regardless of ability.
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