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  • you welcome and I was not sure just how they did the trailer was not sure if was a three evolution or not XD but we shall find out :p and yeah I kinda don't like look of that version of muk >.> toooo colorful XD
    congrats sky good luck on your new job:3 also saw all the new pokemon announced I am liking the bug fairy type and also the moon side evolution Tsareena of bounsweet :p I am guessing it evolved different depending on game? I interpreted that way >.>
    Yeah, I noticed that too with RKS System. As for the Japanese name for Silvally, I guess I seem to always just stick with the english name given.
    That's good new for you. I'm sure that job would be lucky to have you around. As for how I'm doing, I'm doing alright, just now I'm going to be confused for Sun/Moon because all the Pokemon I like are weak to Ice. Just look at Kommo-o, it may be able to beat Ice, but it still has a weakness to it. I might have to train a Silvally, and of course Alolan Muk to go with my Palossand, and Dartrix. Since Silvally can change type based on drive, all I'll have to do is find the drives that resist Ice and just swap around with them for the type I need more. It's perfection!
    Well that's because I brought my Mega Steelix team which is usually a fun team to use, just with some OU Pokemon to make good use of him.
    I'll take you up on that challenge, but give me a probably until 2:10 as I'm about to go pick up my Nephew from school, and then make something to eat, before I put together a team.
    ahhhh yeah if you did a file transfer it would of kept your wfc and everything so all the people you had on your friends list will not be deleted :p but I deleted the old one and added the new one so no worries :3 and thanks I just got that goldeen in 10 eggs :3 I am going for shiny oddish next breeding eggs for bold nature ^_^ I want a shiny vileplume with ha ;)

    edit: also your welcome ^_^
    yeah the numbers did change strange did you do a file transfer to you new 3ds xl? I just did that and I could of kept all my info :p but anyway ready to trade ^_^
    yeah sky I can do that :3 I am halfway online anyway just never connected through the pss but I am online so I can use hatching power :p
    I am doing fine sky thanks :3 and congrats and good luck which i still work for walmart company just not the store walmart. I am working at sam's club :p
    on my reporter that helps me tell when to get the egg,or wild pokemon I have to find my timer0 which everyones game is a tad bit different without that I can't rng right but thanks :p
    yes I do just need to set up my reporter though on my new computer never got to do it yet...I have to find my timer0 as well I wrote down to set it up >.>
    hey sky doing well also not sure if your busy or not but you like to battle on showdown but I understand your busy if you are :p I am making a new team and need to test it out...
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