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    Sorry for any inconvenience with this and sorry for any lost posts.
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  • LOL I wasn't even looking at that lol we were on ebay looking at stuff for my yugioh deck but anyway I probably be on friday evening to open back up we can battle then is that okay?
    sorry my boyfriend and me started looking at stuff on the internet but yeah I might still extend it depends how i feel atm so give me a bit I have work in the morning thats why im hesitating XD
    you got it colton just let me know when you finish your supper ill be here still and my boyfriend even though he hates pokemon will watch me lol
    Really?! Thanks Colton! That's awesome! I'd appreciate it! No need to rush o/ I'm just thinking of alternate fighting gym ideas for my team eventually. Thanks again!
    Thanks for letting me know! Ever since PokeCheck went down, I don't have a reliable hack-checking system other than my own knowledge and the hack-check thread. I really appreciate it. Let me know what set you end up using!
    Keep up the good work! If you need a practice buddy to test run your team lemme know. I"d be glad to help o/
    I think you're third! You're the only challenger to not have a single loss yet in your challenges! Keep it up! Can't wait til you open your gym too! Then I'll be the challenger >:3
    Good game! I had Close Combat with Choice Scarf, but I thought you would switch and fake me out to death. XV

    Anywho, excellent job! I'm happy to give you the Tension Badge! Good luck with the rest of the league!
    Oh okay now we're talking! Well, Natural Cure is a better ability on Altaria, but Altaria's useless without being Mega anyway, so it doesn't really matter that much. Yes, I would trade the Manaphy for that Swablu!
    Depends on which one you want. I have a non-shiny Naive one with average IVs that I'll trade for something as simple as a BP item or a few Apricorn ball females, and I have a 6IV shiny Timid one that I only have a few clones of that will be very expensive, such as a high-IV/good nature shiny, or good nature/high IV legend or something similar that's more difficult to get.
    It is still up, and the only 5-6 IV legends I have are Jirachi, Mew, and shiny Manaphy. Mew is actually 31/30/31/9/30/31 because a full set of 31s wasn't legal in Gen III.
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