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  • did you log on now because we got a green person waiting just click your name and change it XD
    I don' know about diancie but mega garde is OU as well she the second best mega of the fairies very good special def bulk and pixelate and hyper voice is a very nice combination. I am actually on the xat with the guild XD you think you can try to join us?
    tbh that was the best fairy mega only because it was quick and fast it was nice sweeper too thats why it was banned but your right it makes the meta balance I guess XD
    lmao to funny i had a feeling they banned greninja lol I personally gave up on OU along time ago only because they keep banning stuff right and left that I find that wasn't right like aegislash was one I find it silly in ubers. I know low kick and gunk shot was the thing for greninja but i didn't see him that broken but oh well.
    they help you with your gym to open like trinity XD lol and sorry work has been getting me in for awhile just got back from work once again worked over two hours -_- but more pay yay! lol but anyway im not sure when i can get tested maybe tommorow?
    He definitely is. ;)
    The problem I see with your team are some set-up mons and stallers (Ferrothorn, Mandibuzz, etc.). Special Noivern always has been a thing, but like I said, having Fire/Rock moves somewhere would be useful for your team. It's overall rather balanced though.
    As for Cresselia, I'm not sure the CM set is doing much for your team. Maybe try out a different set or otherwise substitute for a different Pokemon? Maybe try out a Landorus yourself, one that has Uturn and a Rock type move?
    You definitely have some great synergy going on!
    The problem I see with switching out Volcarona is that you'd be incredibly weak to Ferrothorn and similar Grass type users, Sceptile in particular. But you'll see what suits your team best once the meta changes soon again.
    Hm, interesting match (the first one). Not sure why you Calm Minded with Cresselia or used Swampert against Greninja, but overall a very dynamic match with A LOT of switches. ^_^ I think you would have won if you stayed in with Volcarona against Mega Pinsir.
    True, like a year or two back when I was forced into looking around side-Jobs I got a really bad fever first day and ended up not getting anything done <.<

    No neanderthals here, just denizens of The Netherworldlands.
    Though I'm heading to Indonesia for my dorm because reasons.
    Aw, that sucks, I'm underway back to my dorm right now ._.
    I wish we got cold weather in the Netherlands, or decent cold weather at least. I mean sure we got snow but I seriously hoped we got aome more before I'm shipped off to the tropics (because I really can't handle heat, I'm pretty much half-asleep most the time).
    But that sucks, though, hope it's just a feeling, though, no point in getting ill when studies are just starting ;p
    its fine colton take your time sweetie I understand how it is to be under then weather :3 I hope you feel better ;)
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