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  • *This is going out to all the people I used to talk to hours to every day*
    Damn, I haven't talked to any of you for like a year. I dunno why. You guys are suh awesome people! Well people can change a lot in a year but I know you guys, and it wouldn't be a change for the bad right? :eek:
    How's life?
    Wow! I like it alot. That's a pretty awesome sprite you got there, how come i have never seen a sprite thread from you? or seen you enter any contests? ^^~
    It's all good then haha and speaking of new sigs i could really use a new one but atm i really cba to edit it and make an effort! I'll have a look when your done :))
    I haven't really been on for the past couple months lol that may be why :) and i am fabulous thank you. yourself?
    Me no dead! Yeah, im back and now i've become a much better fourm user. Barley any typos and I should be on more. I also now use Platinum for Wi-Fi. Want to add my Platinum FC?
    Ack, long message; feel free to condense as necessary. I tend to ramble a lot. Anyways, that is... not good to hear. Do you guys put on performances for the school or anything like that? Although I imagine that the orchestra doesn't get nearly quite as much attention as the band. In any case, you'll probably be playing with people more your skill level at the new high school, right? How do you think you did with your Algebra final? Math is hard. Except for me. Just kidding. x)

    That was amazing. A testament to what can be done with a piano, really. My favorite part of the piece was at about 5:30 when he started playing octaves very quickly and very... quietly. Do you know how difficult that is!? :p Actually, so much about that song is difficult: the left hand jumps around often (not to mention it plays octaves almost constantly, which wouldn't be so bad if it weren't for the fact that doing so starts to HURT after a few minutes), there are trills and grace notes everywhere, and I know I heard a few scales. I can see why it inspired you. Heh, mainstream fads like Twilight tend to ruin things like that, don't they? I for one could barely watch "Bolt" knowing that Miley Cyrus voice acted in it. And one of Rachmaninoff's best known pieces is this one. I don't really like Lang Lang (he's too showy), but I couldn't find a piano solo or a higher-quality performance.
    I wouldn't call myself a Chopin addict, but he is easily one of my favorite classical composers (along with Debussy and Rachmaninoff). I won't pretend that I know that piece, because I don't. Haha. My favorite piece by Chopin is his "Black Key" Etude (the Etude in G-flat). Although I can't play it.

    Sounds tough. Good luck with that. Do you play with an orchestra? Or like, with a school octet or something? I'm not really sure how those types of things work. And I can think of worse ways to spend a summer. Getting a job at McDonalds is one of them. As for my summer, I'm probably going to be pondering college... stuff. You've just managed to breach high school, but I have to worry about college. Ugh.
    It isn't nice lol.

    Everyone just mentioned that. Check out Eriks if you want huge lol, it's like double mine.

    I just got an A* for my Flower drawn by Georgio Keath. I am so happy with myself even though I think I just failed an RE exam lol.
    Lmao, that reminds me of myself trying to get the prespective and shape right.

    Yeah very much and the HGSS pushed the boat out further.
    Lol I am not so good at it either but I am good with oil pastels.

    Lol it has been quite a busy couple of months.
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