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Skylander Sylveon
Last Activity:
Jul 3, 2016
May 1, 2014
Likes Received:
I'll hug your mom!!!
Since this space is massive I'm gonna write my mem

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Skylander Sylveon

Top Coordinator, from I'll hug your mom!!!

Skylander Sylveon was last seen:
Jul 3, 2016
    1. IdontlikePokemon
      Rest in peaches
    2. Skyyyyyy
      Get yo bum back, i'm here now.
    3. Ash Ketchum!
      Ash Ketchum!
      Nothing much

      How about you?
    4. SkyTheMagicalSpiritualFox
    5. IdontlikePokemon
      Merry Christmas and happy new year, I hope you got some nice presents.
    6. Skyyyyyy
      Girl, It's Been Two Years And I'm Still Making Accounts To Find Yo Butt!
    7. teamaquagrunt
      also I see that you liked Best Wishes.. me too!!
    8. teamaquagrunt
      Hellooo~ omgsh! YES! I loved the avatar series so much, I just rewatched it this summer actually. Sorry for the super late reply, I've been crazy inactive on here. BUT YEAHHH HIGH FIVE!

      thanks for the friend request btw! Added you too ^^
    9. Arx
      yeah suuuuure lmao
    10. IdontlikePokemon
      Do you play Pokémon Go? I'm curious as to whether you'd get mons spawning near you as you live in the middle of nowhere.
    11. mew661
      oh really then why is there a song about it then explain that
    12. SilverLining554
      Ahh omg I never though about that one! xD It sounds pretty interesting though ;D

      Aw man! Well, practice makes perfect! And it might be way better than you think it is 8D
    13. emogirl
      Shhhhhhhh. I know >.< It's even worse this time around. I can't believe I've been away that long. Hmmm...Just red again xD "Paprika" this time, I think I'm going to throw some violet in there somewhere, unsure of what exactly I'll do with it though.
    14. MegaMaster#1
      Was it supposed too xD?

      Yas and the "other" too :D

      Ferret...man? Err....

      If it was the next way around,I could see it working :b
    15. Skylander Sylveon
      Skylander Sylveon
      Brb for a week, maybe a month! See ya guys, and sorry
    16. DiaRubyTandem
      Im laying eggs XD
    17. DiaRubyTandem
      Its been a whileeeee, forgot me? XD
    18. MegaMaster#1
      Lol you're so vain.

      That'd be a dream for me _:D

      Hello apeman!~

      Simple way to get rid of a psycho!
    19. mew661

      In the jungle the mighty jungle the lion sleeps tonight
    20. Arx
      pffft "summer paradise" pls i have **** tons of exams and university stuff to deal with lmao. this is not paradise by any means

      honestly how many guys do you like lmao
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  • About

    I'll hug your mom!!!
    Since this space is massive I'm gonna write my mem
    Favourite Pokémon:
    Sup! I'm Skylander Sylveon! I ADORE Best Wishes and I'm kinda cool to talk to, although very easily worked up... Scrap that, i'm back-crap crazy ( ~ 3 ' )/ ~♥

    I like SO MANY THINGS so its really hard to be specific. Oh yeah, in Super Smash Brothers Melee I main Roy and Samus and in Brawl i main Wolf, Charizard and Pit. I'm actually pretty good with Charizard!

    So... yeah... byeee??? (CALL ME MIMZY AND ILL KILL YOU)

    World Domination, picking my nose, hula dancing and rough-housing!


    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    The A m a z i n g Skylander Sylveon
    Drop me a message!