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Skylander Sylveon

Sup! I'm Skylander Sylveon! I ADORE Best Wishes and I'm kinda cool to talk to, although very easily worked up... Scrap that, i'm back-crap crazy ( ~ 3 ' )/ ~♥

I like SO MANY THINGS so its really hard to be specific. Oh yeah, in Super Smash Brothers Melee I main Roy and Samus and in Brawl i main Wolf, Charizard and Pit. I'm actually pretty good with Charizard!

So... yeah... byeee??? (CALL ME MIMZY AND ILL KILL YOU)

World Domination, picking my nose, hula dancing and rough-housing!
I'll hug your mom!!!
Favourite Pokémon
Since this space is massive I'm gonna write my mem


The A m a z i n g Skylander Sylveon
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