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  • Ah yes peach's legendary super turnip
    only grown one ever ten thousand years it has the power to destroy planets
    Next time I'll put a SPOILER tag xD

    I'm trying to pronounce that..suigy..squidy+g..squigy..ugh forget it!

    Are you a Thomas?

    *My angel descends* Flowers ():)

    Open your mouth! I wanna puke.
    I see.But I have wait... ^^
    Haha..that's true.But DP has really got good episodes from what I have heard.(Specially watchout for Rocketshippy ones) ^^
    that.... seem kinda uncool haha
    beside I can just annoy everyone else I care about instead
    Lol peanuts??
    Plus that makes no sense,they all have to add up to 100%



    Yay the creeps gone! Rejoice!

    You're right they're priceless,you'd wanna buy those things?!


    Mwhahahahaha!!!!! >:D

    oh yes i am. :(

    rabbit poop is like little pellets.
    Artificial ice? Now how does that work? :?

    Oh shut it!

    What's with your face Bob?

    Its obvious Dawn is a girl :|

    Win what Bob?
    I saw people i guess
    I don't have real siblings
    It wasn't really that long since we last talked XD
    Haha.. :D
    Hm,probably one year. :/
    Wow!That sounds so beautiful! :D Lovely!I have heard TR is just awesome in DP and there are many rocketshipping episodes as well. :)

    Jokes on you; I already had my tonsils out >:p

    Yeah I'm ugly.

    No way! That's gross!
    haha, i like Zoro because he is heartless and he doesn't hold back on b-wordy females. and i like how he uses people for meatshields!! gwahahaha!! carry on, Zoro my boy! carry on!
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