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  • Just because you ended up instigating what happened doesn't mean I'm the one who can't handle a situation. :p You were supposed to be responsible for something and you failed at it, so don't take your frustration with yourself and put it on me.
    If you knew the probability of your missing out on your duties was high, then you should have resigned from those duties in the first place. I'm not claiming to know your daily schedule, I'm claiming to assume that if anyone takes on a responsibility, they MUST have time to accomplish it. But I've heard through the grapevine that you have finally stepped down, so good for you for doing the right thing eventually.
    And I blew nothing out of proportion. I handled the situation calmly, without having to infract either member that I was sure they were good members on a normal basis. If you like, I can infract you for continuing this issue on my VMs, insulting me, and effectively minimodding (that would be blowing it out of proportion!). That could be arranged. Otherwise, I'd like to get past this job and focus on more important things, like new reports, that need my attention.
    Good day.
    No, I don't. And I also don't think it was very becoming of you to push him to be that frustrated. From the way that he spoke to you, I can tell his "profanity" stemmed directly from you avoiding a battle you owe him as a duty to your place in this league. You both have faults here, but I don't think either of you deserves an infraction, but rather a mediator and some hard advice. And if you weren't concerned about his bugging you, it wouldn't have been in your complaint. What is important to me above all else is that you two sort out your differences with respect and tact, and come to an agreement you can both live with. Now please, go ahead and do that.

    Infractions will be given, however, if I have to repeat this to you both.
    no, i actually do have a life thank you, and that is why i have been trying to request a time to battle. but im not going to be the one to tell her. you can do that yourself thank you.i was looking forward to battling you :/
    From what I see here, thedarklord2155 has every right to bug you about this, and from your messages, skyliner34, you're the one egging it on. If you are part of a wifi league as a gym leader/E4, you have a responsibility to uphold. If you can't uphold it because of work hours or plans IRL, then you should probably step down as a Gym Leader for the time being. In the meantime, schedule a battle with this fellow at a time you can keep. If you can't, you should both civilly go to whatever directors of this league there are and figure something out.
    i still stand by what i said

    look, all i want is a battle, and if i lose, a rematch the next day and so on. i am entitled to that. in fact, its a pretty dick-move to say no and then laugh in my face about it. now, is there any time you will be able to battle?
    pst= pacific standard time. my time.

    and youve been getting on my nerves for a while now. you ignore half my posts/vms, you indirectly insult me, and you are acting like a complete and utter dick. why are you even a gym leader and e4 member, when you refuse to battle? you say its just a game to you, but you seem pretty involved to be "just a game".

    the entire time, ive just been wanting a battle, for a league which you are part of, and im entitled to a match, or at least a straight up ******** no, not all this pussyfooting around, dodging the questions.
    because planning and preparation lead to a successful future XD sorry, just had to say that.

    but its the thought that counts.

    yes, i am satisfied. just message me whenever you are ready.
    im bugging you the most because you are the only one who hasnt even seem inclined to battle. you are dodging all my attempts to schedule something. i gotta beat psilo, man. i gotta!
    i understand that. but an answer back is common courtesy. that goes for all the gym leaders. they all are giving half *** answers and sh*t.
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