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  • ah rip bro
    hopefully you're doing better now at least? sorry i took forever to reply lol im not really that active here tbh rip
    Nope, I gotta figure out what that even is. Everyone keeps asking me about it lol
    Well crash probably only got a remake cuz he hasn't been in many games lately. So they decided to bring him back a little I think. Spyro? He's in Skylanders now. No turning back...sadly. Until I make a movie. Lol
    So...you're actually a trans female? I have another friend who's like that too :3 neat

    I've heard of it, but i don't own it :3
    Pffff! No! The company just wanted to milk the entire franchise. He's made Skylanders now. They made so much money...they aren't gonna turn back. Insomniac has actually tried to buy back the rights to Spyro but Activision refused.
    I read your profile you seem pretty girly in personality like i am (doesn't that make my crush on corni more AWESOME? xD haha).

    I hope fundamental feminist types don't get on your nerves too much x.x Aha...i've read that happens pretty often. Sadly i kinda like reading those types of posts for my own personal reasons i'm not quite ready to talk with a lot of people on yet. *shrug*

    EDIT: BTW your primarina av is awesome :D I started with popplio on my sun too^^ and named it ariel :)
    Yeah. Last time i was all "RIKURIKURIKUUUU" i guess i'm stronger and overall more feminist approved now that i'm crushing on a girl. :p

    ....though i have a hard time going too long without looking at korrina images. Your Mileage may very on that topic.

    But it's not like i really wanna appeal to those feminist types anyways :p Though hah i don't need some 'man' saving me anymore. At least, not right now. Maybe not ever again. If i'm gonna find love, i want it to be an equal thing. I don't wanna be like cinderella 8D Cept in terms of optimism^^
    Hey yeah :eek: I don't remember you, but i see we last talked in 2013 :eek: aka, the year my brain was in limbo >.<;;; so glad i dropped riku for corni now XD
    I've been alright. Bored. Still love to RP like no other. It's always the adventurous RPs and interesting plot liked that I like.
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