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My top favorite pokemon are Keldeo Primarina latias jirachi and Dragonite,

I really like Unicorn, Foxes, Dragon, and fairy,, XD

My name call me Krystal,

i'm a kind and careing person who love helping out people anyway i can,

Nintendo 3DS friend code 1907-9257-7313

I plan on becoming a better Youtuber with my WiFi battle and LP thought i don't curse So please respect that's and Comment Like if you like my video and Subscribe for 1080p up to 2160p 4K goodness,

Alot of interest
Favourite Pokémon




I sometimes wonder if i'am doing the right thing.

I was born a male but you see i'm a transgender in other word i'm a girl in a man body to put its simple i identify myself as a female and i'm not scared to admitted!
So say what's ever you like but i can care less and i'm a very loving and caring person anyway also i prefer to be call Krystal rather than my real name,