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  • Wow... so you lost ALL of your money because you were far from a correct guess? Is there a certain amount where they can take?
    yeah true, you should be right, but you must beelieeeeveeeee lol.

    The energy in which you produce, sub consciossly is a small reason as to why these things are happening, you
    need to try to be brave and or do whatever you do to stay strong. Like if you have a relic or the sorts that you like
    alot ( book, chain,piece of metal, toy, watever ya no) keep it near your bed so that you can gain strength from it ..

    Do i what i said, put blood in a cup of water and leave it next to your bed, if you wanna get even more creepy about it , you can put some finger/toe nails
    in the cup of water as well but you dont have to lol, the blood and water alone should service some what.. Do that and put it next to your bed, and try to go to sleep..

    After you do manage to go to sleep, weather it is within a few hours or even in another 10 hours, when you wake up , just tell me how much water has evaperated from the cup, a normal amount will evaporate depending on the humidity and weather and watever, lol, depending where you live.
    But make sure you tell me how much water evaporated, is very relative.
    lol grapes are fine, its just the potassium in the bannanas that do something with your brain that allow you to have more active/conscious or lucid dreams.

    Does the cat, that does visit you in your room, circle the room like 20 times before it relaxs?

    The reason i ask is because a cats, vision , is within spectrum of colour in which humans are not, which allows them to sence and see things that are operating with an energy + energy field in which would seem to be invisible to the human eye because of the limitations of a human eye.
    Cats circle rooms just to make sure theirs nuthing their that can hurt them and its a natural behavior of many any beings, but if your cats repetitively doing so, even though it knows your house and room well, it could help to determine some things.
    *facepalm * lol yeah you tend to remember the more plesant dreams hahaha.

    So your cats do go into your room but not when you sleep?
    Do they often like, chill in your room during the day?

    How often do you wake up around 2am-4am.
    Also, eating alot of bannanas doesnt help bro lol, they often tend to create wicked dreams so stop eating banans before you go to bed alright lol.
    cause itl allow me to distinguish accuratly what is what, if you no what i mean
    Yeha , if you can get a crystal , of any kind and any variation of quartz( amythyst, citrine, aventurensence even agate) it would help .
    Even if you go to the shops and buy like a $2 little crystal :p
    Hmm true. Dw about gemstones then i guess, i would opt and say you should put more blood in teh cup but then dw about it if you want.
    The only thing i ment, by your screwed, is that , its possible for things to get progressively worse and worse.

    Also have you been having any re-occurring dreams?
    lol sorry bro i was pulling out some weeds form the garden >.>
    Good to hear our trip to the bathroom was successful hahaa .

    Does your cat voluntarily sleep on your chest?
    Everything i say to you from here on out is going to feel and look strange so yeah.
    Im going to start to speak to you strange now aswell, so please ignore that hehehe and use your feelings. :)
    If your mother asks you about what your doing ect, tell her a "spirit doctor" has simply recommended

    From what you've told me, your screwed unless you do something about it now, because its gotten to the point where, the physical attachment between
    you and it/them has grown so much that they are able to directly influence you as a being which , means, they've/it has been their for awhile, it knows you inside'n'out and it knows it has solid hooks within you in which it has use to suck out energy.

    Do what i said bro, blood, water and those gemstones, even if its the smallest of cuts as long as any blood gets in the water.
    More blood the better, though in a ratio compared do your body, even the smallest of drops would service.
    It/ they have managed to Hook into you directly and thus are able to directly contact you through a physical sence in your dreams as you replicate a new reality because of you lack of consciossness. The imprint in which you recieve are physical manifestations in which your mind has replicated either from your dream state in which you encountered them, or directly from them in your room, either way , the remedy is the same.

    Number one you need to stop being scarred :)
    As that is half the reason they remain, that energy in which you produce is what their harvesting.

    You are either being visited directly by "demons" or its all in your head, and i dout its in your head.
    That black smoke or black image thats always been in the corner of your room, will stay their unless you do somthing about it brother.
    But its worth while doing, if only to get a good nights sleep. But these things arnt going to stop unless you do somthing, im telling you this a friend, weather you believe it or not.
    TO say the least, i no whats happening to you and its either one of 2 things.

    The water is like a solvent in which blends and its has quite alot of spiritual meaning within realms as it is a very lucid substance.
    The blood with attract whatever is looking/ trying to sap your energy , them gemstones if you have them , would have absorbed your energy by now and you would be in sync with them, allowing the 3 to replicate your energy signature in a manner. You can amplify this by different means but then things get dangerous for different meanings.

    In the state of mind your in now, you might be brave enuf to entrap the feeling of terror you have in you now into the things iv told you to do purly because of your actions.
    haha wow, you where actually telling the truth..

    Put a cup of water next to you when you sleep, and if you brave enough cut yourself and put a few drops of blood into the water.
    If you have any crystals ( quarts tourmaline jade) or gemstones with a metaphysical nature, put them into the cut aswell..

    How long has this been happening bro, you might be talking to the one person whom actually has a in-depth understanding of these things.
    I got the best milk mothers could buy ma man but im afraid weeve been having some milking issues.
    It appears the best milk comes out of only the most perverted mothers and theirs some things even
    i wont do, so, get in their bro, dip your head in honey, put on a rubber glove and pray to whatever god you believe in.
    Gosh O_O' that sux...i'm sorry to hear that :(
    It sounds fitting for a creepypasta actually. It should be called "Bleach White"
    Nope she used my Dad's hammer in the garage -_-"
    No, that was the only time she ever smashed something video game wise.
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